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    Share container to US?

    Hey all! In the next few months I will be shipping about 1/2 a 40' container of stuff, mostly furniture and household stuff, back to the US - probably Miami but whatever is cheapest. I'm looking for someone(s) who might be interested in the other 1/2. Estimate about $7,000 U$D/2 Contact me by...
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    "Asalto" in Vicente Lopez this Sunday!

    Hey guys! My friend Julieta (who some of you might have met at one of our burger burns) is having a birthday party this Sunday, and she is having what she describes as "an asalto" The deal is everybody brings whatever they want to BBQ (and drink) - kind of a BYO-BBQ! I'll have a fire going, so...
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    Thanksgiving in Vicente Lopez!

    Hey guys! I apologize for the delay in getting this going - I have had a house full of guests and some scheduling problems for housekeeping/cleaning. Here's what I'm thinking of doing for Thanksgiving.... As some of you know, we have an oven here that is big enough to roast several turkeys...
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    Burgers this Sunday (Nov. 15)?

    Hey guys! Although the Thanksgiving dinner is still on (details coming in another thread) I was thinking of also having another burger-burn this Sunday, if anyone is interested. Same deal as usual, I'll do the burgers, youse guys bring drinks and whatever... We can chat about Thanksgiving...
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    Expat burger party this Sunday - 10/25

    Hey guys Anyone who wants to come out here to Vicente Lopez for burgers this Sunday please come. Directions can be found here Party starts around 3 or 4, with burgers hitting the table right around 4:30. I'll supply the burgers and fixin's, you bring whatever you want to drink and anything...
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    BBQ this Sunday (9/20)?

    Hey guys! Anyone up for a Burger-Q this Sunday. Weathers getting nice, and there are some new folks in town! All it would take would be a few folks who wanna come and we'll make it happen! Saludos, David
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    BBQ/BookClub this Sunday afternoon (August 9)

    Hey Everybody I have started this thread to mention that this Sunday (8/9) there will be a kick-off meeting for the Spanish Book Club BuenosAires Mike has started, combined with a Burger BBQ afterwards. Location is my house here in Vicente Lopez. * The book club (detailed at...
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    El Empujon del Diablo - A. Carranza 1969

    Hey guys I just had a very nice meal at this restaurant, located on Angel Carranza 1969, esq. Costa Rica 4774-7354 This smallish restaurant offers very reasonably priced Northern Argentine cuisine, and the meal I had was VERY nicely done. Empanada (baked) de carne, large, fresh and tasty...
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    Burgers in the 'Burbs' - 6/14

    I posted this on another thread, and the (good) suggestion was made to start a new thread, so here it is: --------------- snip ----------------- snip --------------------- Hey guys! How about another get-together out here in the "burbs"? I had a pretty good time at our last burger burn -...
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    May 28th - This sounds tasty!

    My friend Maria just sent me this - it looks like a pretty good deal for 60 pesos! That is this Thursday, I believe... FUNDACIÓN GASTRONÓMICA IBEROAMERICANA EL 28 DE MAYO DE 19:30 A 22 HS. DEGUSTAMOS CERVEZAS ARTESANALES CON EXQUISITAS TAPAS DE ANTARES Y AHUMADOS DE AHUMALEN (Sabores y...
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    Store your stuff!

    Hey guys! If you need a place to store non-valuable stuff (clothes and the like) that you don't need to schlep back to the states between visits, that is a service I have been offering visitors for some time. As some of you know this house is large, and the area that used to be a wine cellar is...
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    Expat BBQ this Sunday afternoon (May 24th)

    Hey guys! Someone suggested I start a new thread to make sure anyone who would be interested in meeting some of the forum folks knew there was a burger burn here at my house in Vicente Lopez this Sunday, starting around 3 PM or so. Burgers are on me, youse guys bring whatever you want to...
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    BairesKids - trying to help poor kids in BsAs

    Hello there everybody! I've got a project here in Buenos Aires that could use a little help! About 6 years ago I found out from a friend about a group of organizations that been started to try to help take care of kids in some of the poorer neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. These operations...
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    Whole bean coffe?

    Hello everyone! Although I have lived in Buenos for about 7 years, I have yet to find a source for good whole bean coffee that isn't either stale, flavorless or over-roasted. I am shameless about asking friends coming to visit to bring maple syrup and coffee, and although I have no hope for...