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    Metallica concert in January!

    Guys,...Metallica is doing a show in River Plate, Buenos Aires on 21st January, 2010. I really want to go, but need some companions to go along with. If anybody's interested , please post here. We can go as a group and have some fun. Is anybody going for the AC/DC show next week?
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    England win the Ashes!

    Congratulations to all the English blokes out there...a mighty nice performance by the England Cricket team!
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    Acai Berries in Argentina?

    Acai Berry is this new superfruit that's in high demand everywhere in the world. Its grown in parts of South America, Argentine being one. Has anyone spotted it in any of the stores in Buenos Aires?
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    Bad experience with Amazon

    I ordered some books from to here in Buenos Aires, in the first week of May thru expedited international shipping. The estimated delivery date was June 8 and my package hasn't arrived yet. The worst part is that I dont even know where it is, as Amazon doesn't provide tracking...