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    Warning! Azimo - use with caution

    Yes, you can. I done just last month when I visited BsAs from London. Their agents in Argentina are More Argentina. I opted to pick up the money from their head office on Libertad 1057 - no queue and no hassle. If you use this discount code PEDROC102 on a first wire, you and I get £20 each off...
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    Warning! Azimo - use with caution

    I’ve stopped using Azimo, but only because their £ to peso exchange rates have gone from being constantly above the official rate, to now 2 pesos per £ below. I now use WorldRemit where at the moment I’m getting 30.50 pesos to the £.
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    Registering baby in Argentina- passport question!

    My son (born in BsAs) has both British and Argentine passports, so no problem. And as it has been suggested above, get all their Argentine documentation first. Also, whenever you decide to fly out of Argentina with your twins, make sure that you also have their birth certificates with you...
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    TV HELP!

    Sky news is freely available.
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    Where to change Pounds Sterling for Pesos.

    Hey Bob - I do use Azimo, and it’s great. Also use WorldRemit, who have a slightly better rate at the moment. The only thing is that there’s a monthly limit, and as we’re planning a family trip to Iguazú, I need more than these companies allow, hence me bringing cash.
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    Where to change Pounds Sterling for Pesos.

    Thank you for your thorough advice. I’ve looked at doing the double conversion and it looks like I’d be better off going the direct £ to pesos route, but that is if the rates shown are genuine. For example I’ve looked at the website of an exchange house in the microcentro and it has a very...
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    Where to change Pounds Sterling for Pesos.

    On Monday, I’m travelling to BsAs for a 3 week holiday and I’ve read in certain places that it’s hard to exchange Pounds for pesos. Has anyone recently done this in Capital and could you recommend the best places to get a good rate.
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    san telmo beer tonight?

    Try Bangalore in Palermo Hollywood or the Gibraltar in San Telmo for microbrewery beer both owned by the same people or Buller Brewing Company (it's a bar) in Recoleta.
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    Football - Scotland vs Argentina

    What are you on about - Sweaties are gonna get hammered. ;-0
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    Sea freight question

    We are moving back to the UK at the end of January, and are looking for recommendations on international moving companies. Also just as importantly, if there are companies that we should steer well away from, we would be most obliged. We've had one quote for 7900 US for 33 sq metres, which we...
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    anybody want to play soccer in palermo

    Pitch rental cost around 90 to 100 pesos for the hour. At least on a hired pitch as opposed to a park, you wont be treading in dog turd or doing damage to your ankles on uneven surfaces.
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    Gym membership

    Go to Meglaton in Las Canitas. It cost 170pesos per month but you can get discounts if you pay by direct debit using a credit card, and you can use any other Meglaton gym.
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    Changing Pesos to US $'s Bigger Amounts

    Answer to both posters above is YES. Exchange houses do give better rates than banks.
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    Changing Pesos to US $'s Bigger Amounts

    Go to the corner of Esmeralda & San Martin, there you will find a glut of exchange houses.
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    Tech Help Badly needed!!! Eng versions of Windows XP & MS Office?

    Hello Bond0023 I have an English version of XP, it is an upgrade version which should work just fine to replace your Spanish version. The difference between the upgrade and the full version being that to be able to install the upgrade version you must have a previously installed copy of a...
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    Argentine women

    Hey Markus, I'm afraid that if you are from the Czech Republic, then the women from any other country will not be up to your country's standard. Having visited Prague on three occasion, I have to admit hands down that your country has on average the most beautiful women. As far as their...
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    Hi everyone!! we are new in this forum

    Sorry, but I think you are just probably a tourist agency trying to promote Mendoza. You are definitely not American retirees, unless you were not taught spelling and grammar at school.
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    First trip to Argentina

    Hello GetAlife, what country are you originally from? Pedro
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    Dealing with it

    Try saying "permiso", perdon means sorry.
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    Medical Insurance Dentists........

    Nikad, thanks very much for your prompt response. I really appreciate it. And what's best they are just 4 blocks from our flat. Regards Pedro