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    Can’t complete the declaración jurada

    Anyone know if the site is down or I’m doing something wrong? I’m travelling today and I put all the information in and when I go to submit it just stays loading and then gives an error. Is there any way to complete a manual form?
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    Yearly Medical Exam

    Wondering if anyone has any recommendations for contacts of Doctors who can do a yearly occupational health check? It's nothing out of the ordinary just regular stuff, questionaire, blood tests, hearing, sight etc. I've emailed a few places that came up on google to see if they can do it but no...
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    Time to move apartments in November

    How do you see the market what type of discount should I be trying to get on the list price paying in USD? I know you’ll all say I’m mental to pay in USD but there’s not much on the market that’s in pesos for the type of place we want. 3 bedroom with 24hr security, pool etc in nice area.
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    DNI Question

    Sorry if this has been covered but I did search through the forum and couldn’t find anything that matched my circumstances, I have visa familiar 22A which gives permanent residency. How do I go about getting my DNI? The information online says I can get it through RENAPER but I have to get a...
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    Argentine Tax Question

    I have recently got permanent residency in Argentina and would like to understand what my tax liabilities are. I work abroad and come and go from Argentina usually spending no more than 25/26 days in the country and then away for around 30 days, 28/28 rotation for my work. I understand that I...