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    6 Nations Rugby

    Does anybody know of any "entertainment venues" (aka sports bars or similar) showing the upcoming 6 Nations games. Are they also going to be covered by ESPN on regular television? I am particularly interested in hearing about viewing the Irish games.
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    Language Tutor Wanted

    I am looking for somebody to take coffee with a couple of times a week - for an hour or so each time. I need to improve my conversational skills. Obviously I will pay the going rate for your time. I started learning Castellano about 2 months ago and have most of the basic building blocks in...
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    Anyone for TENNIS?

    I am interested in hearing from anybody who would like to play some tennis in the greater Palermo area or from those who might be able to point me in the direction of a suitable tennis club or place for pick-up games. I am rather keen to dust off the old racket and can play any time of the...