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    Ba Ranks #91 In Quality Of Life Survey

    A survey of quality of life of executives transferred abroad was conducted by Mercer recently. They ranked 230 world cities. There is an article in today's La Nacion discussing the results. According to the survey, Buenos Aires is the second best city in Latin America after Montevideo. Complete...
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    Xoom Got 31 Million Dollars Stolen

    Everbody's favorite money transfer service is generating some news today. Thieves transferred $30.8 million to overseas accounts on Dec 30. Criminal investigation is underway. CFO stepped down.
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    Freedom To Orangutans!

    Conceden un hábeas corpus a una orangutana Argentine justice system has recognized basic rights as a "non-human person" of a Sumatran orangutan named Sandra, who is presently kept in Buenos Aires Zoo. The court found that Sandra should be able to enjoy her freedom and needs to be transferred to...
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    Derailed Train On San Martin Line

    First few cars are standing on the ground (they didn't turn over or anything). I was in the very end of the train, and it looked pretty routine. The train just suddenly stopped and some lights went off. And everybody was just waiting for it to start moving again. People eventually got off the...
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    Argentina's Markets Are Plummeting

    After the resignation of Central Bank president Juan Carlos Fábrega, MERVAL - the index of Buenos Aires Exchange - has dropped for about 17% it two days. Cristina recently blamed Fábrega for rising inflation and capital flight. Apparently, such a strong market reaction happened in anticipation...
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    Arg Government Looks Into Putin's Solution

    There was an interesting article yesterday in Venezuelan Analitica newspaper (original in spanish, english version via google translate). They discuss a possibility of Cristina going Putin's way: to set up a temporary puppet president to comply formally with the Constitution, and keep actual...
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    Grocery Store Discounts

    Could you tell me, please For grocery stores actions like "15% off if you pay on Monday with Banco Frances debit card". When the discount is applied? Right at the counter? Or later? Or you need to initiate the refund somehow? Thanks.
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    The only money printing company nationalized

    It looks like nationalization did not stop on YPF. Ciccone, the only local company that is technically capable of printing money was declared of "public interest" and nationalized yesterday. It will be rebranded as South American Securities Company (CVS) . The company management was accused of...
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    Videla admits that people were "disappeared" by military govt

    "Let's say there were 7,000 or 8,000 people who needed to die to win the war against subversion," ... "There was no other solution," La Nacion reported Videla as saying. "We were agreed that was the price to win the war against subversion and that we needed it not to be evident so that society...
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    Is Argentina on par with USA regarding Freedom of press?

    I always thought that Argentina is one of the worst countries regarding the Freedom of press. The government puts systematic pressure on two major newspapers and companies that own them. Recent law that declares newsprint production a matter of "public interest" is designed to take control over...
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    Decreto 1169/residency reqs

    Has anybody who got temporary residency according to "decreto 1169" renewed it recently. Do you really need to present proof of income, or just certificate from police is enough? Thank you.
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    An interesting article

    Fascist America, in 10 easy steps by Naomi Wolf published in the Guardian (UK) Kind of a cookbook recipe of converting an open society to a dictatorship. Draws historical parallels and questions how far America has gone on this way. "Because Americans like me were born in freedom, we have a...