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    Opening A Pub In Bsas

    Hey guys i would be grateful if any advice you can give regarding opening a pub in BsAs. When i was last there in 2008 the Irish pub scene was pretty poor and typically false, even though BsAs is the largest irish community of a non-english speaking country. I have saved a few quid over the...
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    Jobs In Construction

    Hi folks I have been and of his site since living in BsAs back in 2008. I have retuned to Ireland but have always had the desire to return and after several failed years to integrate myself back into Irish life I have decided to give up and pursue the dream of returning to BsAs. I am...
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    Making a living in BsAs

    Hello folks, Im back on here again, i guess you could say a part of me has never left BsAs. For awyone reading who is considering some time in BsAs, consider it carefully because returning home, will never be complete, a huge part of you will be left in BsAs. After 4 years away from buenos...
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    Long term room required

    Hey all, thanks for stopping by. My name is Dave, 27 from Ireland. I lived in BsAs a few years ago and left with and sadly found myself back home here in Ireland, still not settled and having ichy feet im planning on returning to BsAs on a permanent basis. Rather than renting on my own is...
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    Shipping from Argentina

    God this is hard to post on this forum after so long... Last time i was here i was living the life, partying and meeting up with so many good people in BsAs. Anyhows... Now im back in the UK, i want to import Argentine products to the UK... i can buy it here, but at a serious cost, can anyone...
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    Rangers - UEFA Cup Final

    Im bouncing around my apartment here after just watching Rangers win their semi-final on a penalty shootout!! Does anyone know any good sports bars where i can go to watch the final?? Anyone fancy a few beers that day, keep 14th May free!!! C'mon the Gers!!
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    Irish in a crisis!!

    Hey everyone!! Does anyone fancy going out for a beer some night? Its been so long since i last had a good drinking session, and at this rate i feel i may be under threat of exile from Ireland!!!! If anyone is interested give me a shout at.... Cheers, Dave