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    Ba Ranks #91 In Quality Of Life Survey

    A survey of quality of life of executives transferred abroad was conducted by Mercer recently. They ranked 230 world cities. There is an article in today's La Nacion discussing the results. According to the survey, Buenos Aires is the second best city in Latin America after Montevideo. Complete...
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    Xoom Got 31 Million Dollars Stolen

    Everbody's favorite money transfer service is generating some news today. Thieves transferred $30.8 million to overseas accounts on Dec 30. Criminal investigation is underway. CFO stepped down.
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    I Am A Big Fan Of Argentine Tv Ads...

    La vida sin musica (MTV ad)
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    Freedom To Orangutans!

    Conceden un hábeas corpus a una orangutana Argentine justice system has recognized basic rights as a "non-human person" of a Sumatran orangutan named Sandra, who is presently kept in Buenos Aires Zoo. The court found that Sandra should be able to enjoy her freedom and needs to be transferred to...
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    Legal Name Change In Argentina

    TS link to
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    Legal Name Change In Argentina

    And what's wrong with having a slavic last name in Latin America? Dilma Rousseff and Axel Kicillof seem to be doing quite OK. "C" is pronounced differently in Christina Ricci, Joe Pesci and Emir Kusturica's last names. If it bothers you how people say your last name, just explain it a couple...
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    My Experience With A Local Ba Bank Today

    Not FICA, but FDIC and not 400 grand, but 250. But otherwise this is pretty accurate statement.
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    Will The Cepo Be Lifted In Few Months?

    The depth of "some economic analysis" comes down to "Kicillof now wants to get rid of currency exchange controls, because Cristina has told him so". It is not evident where Mr. Navarro knows this from, but let's just say he overheard it somehow. Yeah, they can remove the restrictions and dollar...
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    Derailed Train On San Martin Line

    There is an article in Clarin now about it.
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    Derailed Train On San Martin Line

    First few cars are standing on the ground (they didn't turn over or anything). I was in the very end of the train, and it looked pretty routine. The train just suddenly stopped and some lights went off. And everybody was just waiting for it to start moving again. People eventually got off the...
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    Blue 12.75 And Falling.........

    There are also plans to sell 1B in dollar-linked bonds. You buy and sell them according to the official rate, but apparently it can be a big deal for importers. Basically, the government has demonstrated lately that it is determined to take measures and this makes many people anxious. And only...
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    Question On Inflation.

    Back in 2010 there was a guy who suggested to use Ugi's index - price of Ugi's mozzarella grande - as a measure of inflation. This picture was taken in June 2008. Peso exchange rate at that time was 3.0250. So you would get this pizza for about 3.30 USD. Now the same pizza is 40 pesos. (Is...
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    Question On Inflation.

    So, the existence of the dollar itself is the root of the evil and without the dollar there would not be inflation? :) Matias, seriously, do you read anything besides K-propaganda pamphlets?
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    Argentina's Markets Are Plummeting

    I think you are confusing the reason and the consequence here. There is a certain procedure and with CCL exchange rate it makes sense to go for it for all the sides involved. If CCL will be forbidden, there will be no CCL rate at all. As far as I understand, investing in argentine stocks has...
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    Argentina's Markets Are Plummeting

    After the resignation of Central Bank president Juan Carlos Fábrega, MERVAL - the index of Buenos Aires Exchange - has dropped for about 17% it two days. Cristina recently blamed Fábrega for rising inflation and capital flight. Apparently, such a strong market reaction happened in anticipation...
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    Russian Nuclear Reactors And Military Bases In Argentina

    I don't think two parts of this sentence are related. Russia wants to build ground-based monitoring stations for GLONASS - russian GPS system. Russians already have one station like that in Brazil. Hardly it qualifies as a "military base" in a usual sense.
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    Q/about Residency In The Us And Arg

    Have you applied for re-entry permit in two years from now? I am afraid you effectively stated that you wish to abandon your US residency then. If you want to be on the safe side, then more than 6 months per year. It is not strictly enforced, though. Many people manage to keep it just by...
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    Falklands In Light Of Crimea Rhetoric

    One can argue that Kiev was once a capital of Russia, so what? :) The point was to deliver a statement that things need to be done in a proper way. And if you appeal to the laws, you can not apply them selectively or there will be consequences. With the things where they are right now, hundred...
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    Falklands In Light Of Crimea Rhetoric

    There is no doubt that secession of Crimea was engineered by Russia. And zombifying TV propaganda and presense of Russian army (even if it is on restraining mission only) both played their roles. But the fact is that significant number of people in Crimea really wanted to unite with Russia. I...
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    Open A Us Bank A/c In The Us

    Charles Schwab does not open bank accounts for foreigners. Even for american citizens they require to have a normal residential address in the USA.