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    Young native english speakers in Buenos Aires

    If you're looking for young people, this might be the wrong forum for you! the younger expats hang out at a couple places around town, mostly in Palermo. Cuervo Cafe (both locations), Nola, Sheikobs Bagels, Tres Monos are all some spots where you can pretty easily meet the expat crowd. They're...
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    Can’t complete the declaración jurada

    Any word on if you can return to the country with a precaria? Or do you need the DNI itself? Hoping to return to the states in april or may to get the vaccine but might not have my DNI by then. I'm applying for residency through a coviviencia in the beginning of February.
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    A second quarantine?

    According to my lady friend's very-in-the-know therapist (gotta love the argentine rumor mill), after the increase of cases over the holidays we're going back to phase 1 for the whole country. Absolutely infuriating! I'm hoping that worst-case, CABA and Buenos Aires get a curfew. I have travel...
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    Tourism open yet?

    Trip report: left CABA for Mar De Las Pampas this weekend. Filled out a form for the Permiso via the Verano form using my passport info. Was issued a permission within an hour, but was unable to download it via the link emailed to me because i didn't have a Tramite number. Each municipality we...
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    Travel Possibilities?

    right, noted that it's contingent on having a DNI and being "regular." As of now, seems like those of us without status are unable to fly, or travel to other provinces. I'm driving to Mar de Plata in a couple weeks and am not expecting any intra-province controls.
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    Travel Possibilities?

    Has anyone figured out if those of us who are illegal will be able to travel by domestic flights (ie: w/o permissions, as you cannot use the cuidar app with a US passport now) when general tourism opens in December? Apparently most destinations will not require pcrs or permisos, but I'm not sure...
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    DHL offering delivery service to Argentina again

    I'm sure there'll still be a 50% import tax, no?
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    Open a USA bank account from Buenos Aires

    Schwab is great for travelers and you can open an account online. Gotta open a brokerage and then a checking, but there's no minimum balance on the brokerage account. Zero foreign transaction fees, all atm fees reimbursed, and fraud protection on the debit card.
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    Dating in Argentina vs Dating in US/UK....

    Dating here rocks. You'll have a built in advantage as a yanqui. Argentine dudes are notoriously forward and scummy (dont shoot the messenger, that's what all my argentine girl friends tell me!) and there's tons of girls here that like to say they exclusively date foreigners.You'll get more...
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    26M UK -> Argentina

    Great idea if you can earn in pounds/euros and live here. bad idea if you're gonna be earning in pesos. though you could perhaps find some high-paying work in petroleum here!
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    Why Argentina over other countries?

    You'd be hard pressed to find anywhere with a higher quality of life and more exciting cultural offerings on less than $2k/mo. Buenos Aires beats on Colombia, Mexico, and SE Asia in it's European-ness, imo. Mexico is still pretty deeply culturally conservative. Southeast Asia is, well, East...
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    Debate Trump Vs. Biden Tonite 20.00 hrs

    The responsibilities of being the president of the u.s. are brutally taxing, and the job has a history of visibly aging it's holders. the better the president's physical and mental fitness, the more prepared they are to do the job. that doesn't seem like a controversial statement. Cognitive...
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    Debate Trump Vs. Biden Tonite 20.00 hrs

    though apparently not smart enough to retire when the democrats had the white house and the senate :/
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    30 year old couple moving to $2,000 a month realistic?

    Right, i think you'll be able to really experience Buenos Aires and save money at that budget. Other people have mentioned that you should buy electronics beforehand. That's true, and I'd add that you should bring any clothing you foresee yourself wanting ahead of time too. It's easy to say...
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    30 year old couple moving to $2,000 a month realistic?

    You'll be fine, especially if you don't experience lifestyle creep. I spend $800-$1000/mo living very well here. that includes rent, monthly bills, eating out most days of the week, very good wine (1500-2000/bottle, as opposed to the 300 peso swill found in chinos), walking everywhere, a new...
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    Lack of seafood in Argentina

    If anyone is within their delivery radius, i had some excellent sushi from Comedor Nikkai in San Telmo. The nigiri and sashimi were salmon and lenguado, both were very fresh, akin to the quality of sushi at a mid-tier joint in NYC. We paid $1800 for 45 pieces.
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    Buenos Aires adapts to post-pandemic urban living

    Lol. I'm from New York, which also has a very long way to go in terms of modern urbanist policy.
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    Buenos Aires adapts to post-pandemic urban living

    I'm a relatively recent arrival here, but it's been disheartening to see the lack of progressive policy around mobility and urbanism in CABA. Most of Palermo SoHo should be pedestrianized, or at least have it's streets narrowed significantly/street parking removed and have pedestrians given 24/7...
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    Looking for a safe neighborhood with local experience

    Check out Chacarita and Villa Crespo. Lots to do, vibrant street life, working class. Some nice restaurants and bars, but not as boutique-y as Palermo. Chacarita is at least a couple years away from development. They're both close enough to Palermo for all your bougie needs.
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    Argentina’s men’s size

    If you'd like to order your friend some nikes I'd recommend buying from their official shop on Mercadolibre and sending them to their home - they'll ship from within Argentina and you'll avoid the customs headache