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    Teatro Colon

    I first came to BA in April of 07 in hopes of taking in an opera at the world famous Colon only to find it under rennovation. At that time the word I heard from everyone was that it was scheduled for a grand re-opening in May of 2008. I returned in Jan of this year only to find it still...
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    buenos aires ,,,they say its full of life so let me know where it is cos im confused

    Not sure what you mean by that one. Please elaborate & maybe someone can provide an appropriate response.
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    newcomer 2b

    Hi: I have purchased an apt in Palermo that is currently underconstruction & scheduled for completion in May of 2008. I will likely be retiring at the end of 2008 & moving to BA. I am working frantically to learn reasonable Spanish. Aside from that, any suggestions for a prospective newcomer...