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  1. EL_TIGRE_de_Tigre

    Working remotely from Argentina.

    Given how important and popular this particular topic is, it needs a dedicated thread. In addition to what one can do remotely for an income source, the tax ramifications are of interest as well. This thread should become a great source of information for people who are trying to figure things...
  2. EL_TIGRE_de_Tigre


    I am seeking opinions and perspective on Nordelta because I am seriously considering living there when I am in the country. (I may buy, I may lease, I am not sure as this point in time???) Whatever you can share with me would be greatly appreciated. In advance, Thank you so much.
  3. EL_TIGRE_de_Tigre

    RE Taxes, Assessed Values & Ownership Records.

    Can someone give me an overview of this? I'll start with a few general questions, but feel free to give me more information than I am asking for as I want to learn. Does Argentina have some kind of a publicly accessible data base, either by city / town or province wide that allows someone to...
  4. EL_TIGRE_de_Tigre

    "Fragile Latin America faces another lost decade – and maybe worse." I think this article says it all.
  5. EL_TIGRE_de_Tigre

    Investor Visa (Inversionista) - Is anyone familiar with this type of visa?

    Does anyone here have any first hand knowledge of this type of visa? I would appreciate anything you can share with me. Thanks!
  6. EL_TIGRE_de_Tigre

    When will life return to normal?

    And, how much is it going to be changed from the way it was? I have been reading the board and I have been deep in thought lately. Wondering when, if ever, life will get back to normal and will there be any major changes to it. I conclude that life will get back to "NORMAL" at some future...
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    You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

    If the world's largest, most vibrant economies are in trouble due to the coronavirus, what does that say about Argentina? In this interconnected world, there is no way Argentina will get on it's feet anytime soon if the bigger world players are getting knocked down. As the largest world...
  8. EL_TIGRE_de_Tigre

    Rentista visa question.

    I believe this visa is for a person of INDEPENDENT MEANS??? Meaning they have money enough to fund their life in the country without working in Argentina. They may be participating in the retirement system of another country, or have an annuity, or something similar that pays them monthly above...