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    6 Nations

    Anybody going to Sullivans tomorrow to watch the Wales Scotland match. If so say hello. I will be the one with a welsh flag and shirt.
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    I have searched the topics and done a word search all to no avail. Shrove Tuesday is rapidly approaching and I cannot find pancakes in this city, only as a desert. Does anyone know where I can get some, I may have to buy my wife a pancake pan at this rate. Please if you know, don't be...
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    More On The Dog Doo

    I just watched a lady dragging her little dog along the pavement (sidewalk) It dragged its arse along a full block. Do locals not realise that this is a sign of worms? At the corner she stopped and her dog socialised with another dog, that will now probably also have worms. She carried no poop...
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    Where Do All The Dead People Go?

    Yes I know the go to the cemeteries, but how do they get there. With an estimated population of 2.9 million and a life expectancy of 70 years,that means that someone's dying every 5.5 minutes. (yes I know, and he is not very happy about it). So why do I never see a hearse. You would think that...
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    There is one less Taxi on the street

    It seems you can't even commit suicide in Buenos Aires without a taxi getting in the way
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    An introduction

    Having been on this site now for over three years now, I think perhaps it was time I properly introduced myself. The way I poke fun has not always been readily accepted and one or two have taken exception to me. Believe me when I say that there is never anything personal in this, unless someone...
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    Traveler Cheques

    OK, I don't use them, but I was asked today where they can be cashed and was at a loss to answer. Does anyone know, or has anyone used them here. I know that big hotels will cash them but anywhere other than this, just in case I am asked again.
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    Does customer Care exist here

    I keep reading about poor customer care here, true there is some appalling service particularly in tourist areas, but I find some wonderful service at local shops, does anyone else, or is it just my sunny smile. Only today at Acuna de Figueroa and Guardia Vieja a guy spent nearly an hour with me...
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    Reading in Buenos Aires

    It seems that the government are now keen to promote reading. Lets hope it is not just "approved books"
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    Let them eat fish

    It seems Christina has a novel way of tackling inflation. Should the world learn from her advanced fiscal policy?
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    Finches make great musicians

    Just goes to show my family must be great musicians Finches playing soon at a place near you. (Finch is my surname) :D
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    Americans are Nuts

    I thought all the excentrics were british, but we just shred our old Christmas trees.
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    Congratulations to those born before 1960

    CONGRATULATIONS . . . to all born before 1960 First we survived being born to mothers who took aspirin, ate blue cheese, raw egg products, loads of bacon, processed meat, tuna from a can. Then our cots were covered with lead based brightly coloured paint. We had no childproof lids on...
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    How to deal with gun toting youths

    I keep reading on here about youths with guns, well this is how they deal with them in Manchester (England). The moral of this? Never mess with a Manc.
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    Freddy Mercury turns over

    I am sure he is turning over in his grave. Watch this and enjoy. :D:D:D
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    Main de Dieu

    Are we Brits now going to get some sympathy from the Irish (or visa versa)? Will Thierry Henry now be demonised in Ireland like Maradona is in England? Will the French be wearing t-shirts with Homer Simpson wearing French colours crying Main de Dieu? :rolleyes: Just asking.
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    Another reason not to fly via The USA

    These guys were lucky not to have run out of fuel, or be shot down as suspected terrorists. And I was just worried about the trouble with customs.
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    Writers should read this

    Hi, I am not one of your writers group, but one or two did ask me about Sally, read her latest post on Great news for all her friends.:D
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    Since my first vist, I have noticed the cartoneros, a bit like the wombles, making good use of the things everyday folk leave behind. Scruffy individuals, they dressed in whatever they could find, old anoraks, holey jumpers, torn jeans. I am not being judgemental just observing. Now on my latest...
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    Knitting Mad

    In a city where nobody does anything for themselves, does celebrity change everything? We hear from celebrity commentators that the stars are knitting, now on every corner where once were cafes, are wool shops. I walked down Scalabrini the other day and it is now almost exclusively wool shops...