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    And A Happier Sight Has Never Been Seen.

    6 weeks. 2.5 hr wait at metrogas office 3 different opinions on the work to be done by 3 different gasista 1 Stopped heart after being erroneously told I'd need to change all the gas lines in the house 1 failed inspection 1 second inspection 1 bribe 10000 premature grey hairs. Excuese me, I'm...
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    Hotels In Belgrano.

    I have some guests coming and they'd rather not stay downtown. Does anybody know of a nice hotel / luxury b&b in en Belgrano R/Coghlan/Colegiales area?
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    Anybody Heading To The Us Soon?

    I need a favor. It does not involve drugs, money, or poker tournaments. Rather I just need a small package flown to the US and then dropped in a mailbox once there. I can compensate you for the trouble if necessary.
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    I don't get it. Who is voting for this guy? What's his appeal? Are there any massistas on the forum who can explain it?
  5. P Can't Be Real... I really thought that I couldn't keep being surprised by the absolute rediculousness that this clown puts out. I was wrong. Que verguenza
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    Does anybody have a recommendation for a gasista who works well and does not charge rip off prices? Doesn't need to speak english; does need to be matriculada.
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    Water Purifiers.

    How nice of AySA to provide them for their clients in the sala de espera.....
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    Arnet Vdsl?

    Is anybody using it? How is it, what kind of actual speeds are you getting and how much are you paying?
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    Can I Borrow Your Portable Air Conditioner?

    It's the middle of winter so I figure some of you must have one of these portable A/C units lying around unused in storage. I need to run one on dehumidify mode in order to dry out a room. Specifically: It'll only be for a couple of weeks, and it's winter right now. I'll come pick it up and...
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    Beautiful 2 Bedroom Ph With Pool In The Best Part Of Nuñez.

    So I'm getting ready to move again to go live with my Argentine girlfriend and I wanted to give my landlady a hand with renting this place out. The PH is on the first floor up a flight of stairs and has 2 'loft' style bedrooms with a large work study area below and the beds upstairs. Both...
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    Ceasar Chavez.

    No, not THAT caesar chavez. Unbelievable:
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    The Us Supreme Court May Decide Today.

    Oh the suspense, the intrigue. Way more exciting than the World Cup
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    Stale Bread And Processed Cheese Product...

    Is not breakfast! Nor is sandwich bread which has been cut into the shape of a croissant and glazed with simple syrup. This is breakfast: Blueberry pancakes with contraband syrup. I would like to thank baexpats and the "what you [do] miss from home" thread for the motivation to get up half...
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    Give This Man A Medal. Según explicó el propio Rebot a LA NACION, la iniciativa intenta agregar en el Código Contravencional "la pérdida temporal o definitiva de beneficios por parte del Estado cuando se...
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    Interview W/ Ba Transportation Secretary Re:bicycling In Ba

    It's from January but I just came across it and thought I would share. Source: http://blogs.lanacio...s-las-24-horas/
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    Recycling Bins

    I'm currently sitting on a bench in the station Peru of the A line and I just watched a member of the cleaning crew dump the contents of one of the green recycling bins into the trash bin before emptying the bag.
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    Jazz, Pizza & Vino In Caballito.

    If anybody is looking for something to do tonight there is a very talented Jazz duo playing in caballito. Gourmet Pizza (not your pedestrian stuff) libre for $65 pesos and the show is 'al gorro'. There is also the possibility of accompanying the show and food with variety of top quality wines...
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    Que Tormenta!

    Saw this on and thought it was worth sharing. I was right over near where that lightning is striking last night during the storm, flash/boom non stop for an hour.
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    For Sale: Items For Your Kitchen - Version 2 ;)

    So I posted a thread like this last fall right before I went out of town and nothing really happened so I'm re posting now. Stock up on assorted implements of destruction! 1. Pizza cutter. Used once or twice, like new. $30 2. Chiffonade scissors. These are pretty cool, they're 5 scissors in...
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    Men's Shoes.

    I seem to remember that at some point there was a post about good places to buy affordable quality leather shoes. Does anyone know what I'm talking about. I think it was a neighborhood or street.