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    Now I feel like a local - our first lawsuit ;)

    Be tough! Explain to your ex employee that if he or she wants to go ahead with this then that's fine, but even if they win they won't get paid for 5-6 years. Tell them that you won't even be here by then.
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    Coin shortage in Argentina - WSJ Article

    That wonderful attitude is part of the problem. :(
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    Job Offer

    Assuming you don't mind living in an apartment with other people, USD$1500 is more than enough to live on in BA. You'll be able to eat out as often as you want and still have cash to get drunk. The majority of my argentine and foreign friends earn less than this and we are all very happy! If...
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    Receiving Mail in BA

    In my experience 90% of things arrive but how long they take to arrive is pretty unpredictable.
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    Price of cafes in BA & Europe

    I've never paid more than $7.50 for an espresso in BA, nor heard irritating rock music in any cafe here. Maybe you're spending too much time in Palermo Hollywood? :rolleyes:
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    Desperately selling art...

    PM with details would be appreciated here too.