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    Divorce lawyer - law advice. Divorce in Arg., assets in USA

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a divorce lawyer or firm who also deals with international law. I will lay out the facts here as well in case anyone has gone throuh a similar case and can share information: We are married in the US. We live in Argentina. Two teenage...
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    Need A Us Cell Phone Number (Us Bank Related)

    Hello all, Have not written/participated in ages. I am fully settled and no longer feel like an expat, but I still need your advice :) Short version: I live in BA and need a US cell phone number to receive text messages from my US bank. Long version below: On my last trip to the US, I...
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    Mac Os El Capitan Compatible Keyboards In Ba?

    Hi! My old Mac keyboard is not working well. I've seen some Logitech keyboards but have been warned that they might not work with El Capitan. Does anyone know which ones do work with El Capitan that can be purchased in Argentina for less than 600 pesos? What about the Noga 2.4 G? Gracias!
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    Mac's Airport - To Buy Or Not To Buy?

    Hi! I am returning from the US and was wondering if I should get an AirPort? Do you think that it will improve my current Arnet router's range/is it worth it? One more thing. Every time I plug my MacBook battery charger to regular Argentine adapter, I get this "crackling" noise - which...
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    Question About Us Unlocked Phones

    Hi, I am thinking of buying a used cell phone on Ebay US. I see that they "have factory unlocked" and Verizon, AT&T , T-Mobile unlocked. Will all those mobiles work with an Argentine SIM card, or should I stick to the factory unlocked only? Gracias!
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    It feels nice to have been a part of the collective embrace that the family of Dr. Nisman deserves.
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    Travel Permission For Minor - Fast Escribano?

    Hello! My daughter and I are traveling next Friday to Uruguay and I just realized that I need to get a travel authorization from her father, since she is a minor. I know you can do it at your local CGP, but there are no emergency appointments available and I was wondering if anyone can...
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    Anyone Have Directv Prepago And A Smart Tv?

    Hi! Does anyone here have DirecTV prepago and a smart TV (Panasonic Smart Viera)? If so, could you please tell me where to connect the yellow pin that goes from the decoder into the TV? The red goes into the red entrance, the white into the white entrance... but where do I plug the yellow...
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    Christmas Eve Mass - Rooster's Mass Misa De Gallo

    Hello all, Does anyone know of a good Rooster's Mass or Misa de Gallo to take the children to? I am looking for a nice, uplifting mass to attend with the kids either in Belgrano, Palermo or Recoleta (in order of preference). I am thinking nice choir, children's choir, traditional christmas...
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    Bike For Sale

    I am selling my bike. It is a typical 'playera' bicycle with 26 inch wheels and is dark green. I purchased it from an expat who bought it new in May 2011. I have copy-pasted the original ad which the previous owner posted here on Baexpats: It has no brakes (backpeddle to stop) and is single...
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    Us Consulate Exchange Rate?

    Hi, I have an appointment for notarial services at the US Consulate tomorrow. I just received the Consulate's instructions. I can pay with either pesos or US$. What I don't know is, should I wish to pay in pesos, what rate will they use? I thought it was the official one, but their instructions...
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    Arnet users: anyone else having Skype problems?

    Hello, I have been using skype to work for the last 3 years with no problems, except for a couple bad days here and there. But for the last 2-3 months, I can't have a normal conversation over skype - the sound is broken, voices sound wobbly... I am close to aeroparque and every time a plane...
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    Men's Bike for Sale $650

    Hello, I am selling this bike. It has 6 gears. Please send me a pm if you are interested. I am located near Malba. ETA: price is in pesos, of course! ------ UPDATE: Bike has been sold. Thanks
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    Dining out on Christmas Eve?

    Hi, Does anyone know of a restaurant to have dinner on Christmas eve? I would not mind going to barrio chino. Does anyone know if the restaurants there close on the night of the 24th? Parrillas? Hotels? I want to do something different without getting stressed out with what to wear, what...
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    Arnet's bandwidth today - anyone else having problems?

    I am using skype to communicate with my boss in Europe but all of a sudden the conversation goes mute --- I've had interference and other problems before but not like this....
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    Bio-identical hormone therapy in Argentina?

    Hi, Does anyone know if there are any doctors/clinics offering bio-identical hormone therapy in BA or Argentina?
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    Check up at Favaloro/other hospitals?

    Hi, has anyone heard of that head-to-toe checkup which Fundacion Favaloro offers? You know, the one where you do all tests and go home with the results in 1 day or something similar --- I have been trying to get in touch by phone with no luck. I was wondering how much it costs for someone who...
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    Need native English teacher in Belgrano - for children

    Hi, looking for native English teacher to teach/play with a group of girls (no more than 5, maybe 6) - 2 days a week, in Belgrano, does not need to be a formal class - someone with initiative who can come up with interesting ideas to get children to learn while playing... girls are aged 8-9...
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    Good Argentine champagne

    A foreign friend cannot remember the name of a "great Argentine champagne" she drank while visiting and I have no idea whatsoever (I wasn't aware that argentina produced champagne --- embarrassing, I know... :o).. I do not drink and have zero interest and knowledge in wines, but at least I...
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    Organic market in Chacarita

    Hi, I just learned about this organic store in Chacarita - Lacroze 4171 - and thought of sharing the info here Has anyone ever been there?