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    Venezuela turning the corner? The Daily Telegraph seems to think so If you don't have a Daily Telegraph subscription and/or don't want to turn off javascript in your browser, you may read a version of the same article here...
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    Argentina's health minister tests positive for COVID-19

    Tested positive for the virus or for the vaccine???
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    Receiving mail from outside Argentina

    With the key question is, when you want to place an order, what does it say on their website about deliveries? There was a moment last year when postal services and deliveries to and from Argentina were suspended by everybody - including The Book Depository. Then, although...
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    Receiving mail from outside Argentina

    If I want new books delivered to Argentina, I order them from who despatch them free of charge and (touch wood, etc., etc.) they have always got there - eventually. I've no recent experience of personally mailed packages as we generally try to avoid them.
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    How Pfizer tried to bully Argentina and Brazil in exchange for vaccines

    I totally get where @lunar is coming from and yes, it happens today and it used to happen in the UK not that long ago. Those plaques on the front of Victorian and pre-Victorian houses in English towns and villages? Lots of them have Sun emblems representing the Sun Insurance Company of the day...
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    Covid Vaccination Argentina

    ..... now continuing to Beijing on the same flight number but with a different link on Flightradar24
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    Covid Vaccination Argentina

    I think you will find that it's an Airbus A330 registration LV-GIF which departed from EZE for MAD at 13.08 under flight number AR1050. It's the same aircraft that was previously used for other vaccine pickups. You can track it now here: And see...
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    Traveling to BA

    Further to @rickulivi the point is about taking money in or out of any given country. The USA sets a limit of USD10,000 before you have to declare it, divided between the people traveling together as a group. Check out this article in the LA Times...
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    How much Covid-19 in the World?

    If all the virus particles from all the humans currently infected were put together in one place, how much would that be? Enough to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool? Enough to fill a bath tub? What do you think? In this nine-minute podcast from the BBC, two mathematicians grapple with the...
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    Carlos Menem's dead

    Any truth in the rumour that last night's storm over the city was an argument between heaven and hell over who will have to take him?
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    Risk of flying?

    I read a version of that article when it appeared in the New York Times. I can't find the companion article about an outbreak predominantly in Business Class but I have found the paper that it was based on here: My reading of that paper is...
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    Ferroclub Argentino reopening: an excellent outing

    Thanks for highlighting that @sergio and yes, @Ries it is good. It's in provincia but just walking distance from our corner of CABA. We have been several times in past years and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in that sort of thing - and even to those that aren't.
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    Hitman 3 is the first game to get Argentina right

    But are Spanish-speakers as a bloc that interested in playing computer games? Take any of the many top-ten listings of game-playing nations: the lists are all different but none of them have any Spanish-speaking country near the top. I personally do not know any computer gamers in Argentina -...
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    Sputnik and ice cream

    I think the tradition in Argentina is/used to be to give a child a lollipop on a stick after a vaccination. I found this out last (Argentine) winter when, after receiving my flu and pneumonia shots and to the great amusement of the rest of the family, I too was presented with a lolly!
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    Suggestions needed - what to bring to US

    Hesperidina. So quintessentially Argentine that those who haven't forgotten about it probably never knew about it in the first place. You are most likely to find it on sale in a grocery store where the local demographic is - how can I put this delicately? - elderly...
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    OverStaying in argentina due to COVID-19

    The FCO advice pages were updated last week and are showing automatic visa extensions once again.
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    COVID-19 vaccine development pipeline gears up

    One little corner of Provincia Tierra del Fuego should see its entire vaccination programme completed within the next few days: Should be arriving any time now.
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    OverStaying in argentina due to COVID-19

    The UK Foreign Office advice for Argentina was updated yesterday and appears to have quietly dropped any reference to visa extensions. Have other nationality official advice sites done the same?
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    Changing Argentina’s Inertia: Is it Possible?

    It depends upon what you mean by democracy. Most countries aren't what they say they are. United States of America - hardly United Kingdom - flying apart at the corners Democratic Republic of Congo - puhleeze! Republic of Argentina - monarchy run by a regent until the prince comes of age.
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    Obesity epidemic in BA

    Sticking with Argentina, in my opinion it started around about the crisis of 2001/2 - the time I first began coming to Argentina[1]. People who had nothing to eat started to eat cheap, rubbish, junk food. Unfortunately, many discovered they liked cheap, rubbish, junk food and not only have they...