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    Venezuela turning the corner? The Daily Telegraph seems to think so If you don't have a Daily Telegraph subscription and/or don't want to turn off javascript in your browser, you may read a version of the same article here...
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    How much Covid-19 in the World?

    If all the virus particles from all the humans currently infected were put together in one place, how much would that be? Enough to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool? Enough to fill a bath tub? What do you think? In this nine-minute podcast from the BBC, two mathematicians grapple with the...
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    Have you seen.. ...the coal trains?

    Have you seen the coal trains rumbling in and out of CABA along the Linea San Martin? It is a new feature along this track and I was wondering why? I couldn't swear that they run daily though today it took my attention that a full one thundered into CABA this morning and an empty one clattered...
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    Street Photography and the Law

    Might anybody be able to give me Chapter and Verse on the law in relation to Street Photography in Buenos Aires? Military installations notwithstanding, I think I need permission to take photographs on or from somebody else's property but what I can see from the street I can shoot from the...
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    Provincial Governors challenge the President for reducing IVA on selected items

    It's been all over the news today: for example - What I don't understand is how any alteration of a federal tax (IVA is a federal tax isn't it?) can inflict consequences on the receipts...
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    Any rules about moving fruit and vegetables from one part of the country to another?

    Google hasn't helped me to find out anything about this though of course I'm fully aware of the restrictions on moving plants, meats and food products etc from one country to another. I know that there are strict restrictions on moving fruit and vegetables between states and territories in (for...
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    Where to buy Carbonato de Sodio?

    It's known as Washing Soda in the UK and, I think Soda Ash in the USA, it's Sodium Carbonate crystals and it's usually purchased for cleaning drains and ovens the old-fashioned way. It's a common ingredient in proprietary products used for cleaning but I can't find it on it's own. It's not...
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    Something understood is a radio programme from the BBC. It has a reflective nature and includes music and readings and each episode follows a single, general theme. I heard it this morning - New Years Day - very early in the morning, before much of the rest of the world had even gone to bed...
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    New App - have you tried it yet?

    Did you realise that sales of iThings (that's just Phones and Pads: I'm not including Pods) have now broken through the one billion barrier? Okay, that's only an American billion but it is still amazing when you realise that one person in seven on this planet now owns one- or more likely a...
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    How do you post as a 'Guest'?

    How do you post as a 'guest' to this forum? Why does the facility exist and does it have anything to do with the increase in 'spam' we've been seeing?
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    Tough on Permatourists

    I expect you already saw this on the news services today, but just in case you missed it... Argentina's AFIP Gets Tough On Permatourists Tourists departing Argentina should be prepared for longer queues and allow more time for processing as AFIP, the taxation authority of Argentina's...
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    BBC World Business News 31.March.10

    On air as I type and on the BBC iPlayer at this location: BBC World Service is discussing Argentina's debt repayment policy and inflation.
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    Cheap hostel recommendations please.

    Could anybody recommend a cheap, basic hostel where a male student from Paraguay wouldn't feel too out of place? He has been granted a study placement in the UK but the British Embassy in Bs As are rather vague about when they will complete his visa process so he needs somewhere in the city to...
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    Three Radio Plays

    For any inveterate radio fans, I'd like to recommend a set of three radio plays which were broadcast on the BBC this last week under the common title ' A Tokyo Murder' and will be available to listen to on the BBC iPlayer for the next couple of days. Please try to listen to them in the correct...
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    Deportations from Spain

    I'd be interested in comments - particularly from the periodista members of this site - about stories such as these: For those who CBA to follow the links these are the latest - only...
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    The Accidental Tourist

    In Anne Tyler's book, The Accidental Tourist, Macon Leary is writing guide books for travelers who don't want to be reminded that they are in a foreign country so that, wherever they are, they can experience only the comfort and familiarity of the things they know at home. One or two recent...
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    We went to see El Mesias at Teatro Coliseo last night and are planning to go to the Mahler and Weber concert there next week. Any other ex-pats in the audience last night? If anyone else is likely to be there next week and if we actually turn up early for a change, would a pre-show coffee be of...
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    Internet Radio

    Next time I go back to the UK, I´m thinking of buying an internet radio so that I´m not tied to the computer when I´m listening to the BBC. Does anyone have any experiences or suggestions or any pitfalls to warn about?
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    I've just clicked onto the home page and the latest forum posts give me these two, next to each other: Argentine Women are all... Beautifully decorated But further down the page I see that: Ski Club is followed by Hip Surgery Should I take that as a warning?
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    So farewell then...

    Raul Alfonsin If the generals had not seized Las Malvinas The British would not have retaken The Falklands And you would not have been swept into office. A landslide poll A civilian president A Berlin Wall that came down for the South American juntas. And your funeral is today. Such symmetry.