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    Travel Restrictions to Mexico or the US

    I've been a lockdown prisoner in Argentina for a year but am planning an escape. I would like to visit Mexico and then go the the US. I'm a US citizen with Argentine residency. I know there are official websites at embassies listing the polices and regs but they change frequently and aren't...
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    Package Stuck at Ezezia

    A package sent to me by FedEx from the US is being held at Ezezia because it includes prescription medication. Some info I've seen on Google indicates that I need a "despechante de Aduana," but I've heard that they only handle large commercial shipments. This is six kilos and I live in...
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    What's on Netflix in Argentina for English speakers?

    The Netflix Argentina website doesn't have much listed in English, but a friend says if I sign up then there are many more choices. Is this true? I'm also curious about Amazon TV. I'm a Prime subscriber but I have heard that it's not available here. True??
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    Do Gringo Pensioners Have To Pay Taxes In Argentina?

    I don't earn any money in Argentina. I'm retired but live here six months per year and I'm married to an Argentine. I have residency. Lately every time my wife goes to the bank she runs into some tramite where they insist that they (the bank) need to know my local tax number. I don't have one...
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    Standing Desk / Treadmill Desk?

    I just did a google search. You can order through a company called Traetelo and get the lifespan treadmill desk. It runs about $1800 USD. Shipping to BA is about three grand and handling charges are a couple of grand more and the total is $7800 USD. That's too pricey for me but I would really...
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    Nfl Fans In Bariloche?

    I live in Bariloche but don't have a TV. I'd like to watch the Patriots/Broncos game this weekend and also the Superbowl. Does anyone know a restaurant that's willing to show Futbol Americano for a few hours? If we could bring enough gringos and drink some beer I think someplace would be glad to...
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    Visa Wait Time For Spouse Of Us Citizen

    My wife is Argentine and we've been married for a year and a half. We've visited the US several times for short visits which was easy because she got accepted on the trusted traveler visa program or whatever it's called. She can go online and get a visa immediately. She also has British...
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    Where To I Go See A Good Tango Show

    I've seen the cena/shows at La Ventana and Senor Tango and they were both good professional shows, on the order of a Las Vegas extravaganza or a Broadway musical. Great dancing, singing, the whole works. Both include a gaucho spinning bolos and a blonde singing "Don't Cry For Me", neither of...
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    Publishing A Novel????

    You picked a tough time to try and break into the paper book business. Kindle and other ebook websites are in the process of killing off traditional publishers. They are going to do to them just what internet file sharing did to record stores. Did you think that Borders would vanish? Did you...
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    Teeth Cleaning? Common Here?

    I think teeth cleaning by a dentist is not common in Argentina. I live in Bariloche and have gone to the two best dentists in town, based on many recommendations, and one said I didn't need cleaning, which was a joke, and the other stuck a pick in my mouth for about 30 seconds and then started...
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    Spousal Visa To Usa

    I'm a US citizen and have been married to an Argentine woman for a year. We were married here (in Bariloche) and we're going to apply for a spousal visa to the US for her. My wife was born in BA to English parents and is bilingual and also has British citizenship. We've read the embassy pages...
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    Airport Searches?

    What's going on at Ezezia? In a few weeks I'll be returning after 7 months in the US and I've heard and read about all the changes. Are they all rumors? What can I expect at the airport? I'm a US citizen. What should I not bring? My wife will be with me and she's Argentine. What can she expect...
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    Searches at airport?

    I'll be returning to BA in a few weeks and I'd like to get current news on what's happening at the airport. Lots of rumors going around, but I'd like to hear from US citizens who have entered Ezezia from the US recently. What are the customs people up to? How are they searching and what for? I...
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    Register marriage @US Embassy?

    I haven't called the embassy yet. I thought I would see if anyone else has done the same thing lately. Do you know what office to call at the embassy?
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    Register marriage @US Embassy?

    Does anyone know what hoops you have to jump to register an Argentine spouse with the US Embassy? I looked on the Embassy website and didn't find what I expected. My new wife doesn't need a green card as we are mainly going to live here and she has British as well as Argentine citizenship, so...
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    Health Insurance for Old Gringos

    Thanks to SteveinBsAs. I went to UserCP and there is a section on private messages, but there is no "enable" button. However today I got a private message from BAExpats welcoming me to the site, so apparently my private messaging is enabled. I too have lived in Mexico as well as Argentina. I...
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    SuperBowl party in Bariloche?

    If there are non-BA expats reading this, I'm trying to organize a SuperBowl party in Bariloche on Sunday. I live here but my new Argentine bride and I don't have cable TV and the only two fans of Futbol Americano I know are out of town. I'm thinking that if I can find a few other people who are...
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    Health Insurance for Old Gringos

    How do I enable personal messages? Is that the same as instant messaging? I don't normally use any of that. I'm new to this forum. And why am I not a gringo here?
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    Health Insurance for Old Gringos

    I'm 62 and just got married to an Argentine. She says none of the obras sociales (health insurance plans) here will accept me because of my age. I figured that they would but for a higher price. Anyone have experience in this area? I have a plan in the US but I thought there might be a lower...