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    Sunday tea for girls - April

    Hola Girls, remember our Sunday meetings for tea? Let´s do it again. April 20 or 27? Options for meeting are: belgrano, palermo? make your suggestions! Flavia
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    Day Al Fresco, L.I.F.E ARGENTINA

    This Wednesday(19th) LIFE ARGENTINA could use some help. We need volunteers for a Children event on Wednesday 19. See the transcript below. Please feel free to join as we´re in need of many volunteers. Thank you! Dear Volunteers, We need urgent help to finish up with the preparations for...
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    Girl's meetup Sunday 21

    Hola Chicas, are you meeting on Sunday? let's meet! I look forward to meeting you all. Maybe it's a good time to do Chinatown again and shop around. Or suggest a destination. Soon,
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    Hola Girls, what about meeting for cofee this Sunday, let´s say at 4.30? My suggestion is Big Mamma Juramento 2156 Tel: 4781-0093 Belgrano C We can seet al fresco, it´s super nice. t´s besides Sarmiento Musem 2 blocks from Cabildo & Juramento. Big Mamma junto al Museo Sarmiento. Jardín...
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    What happened to Girl's Sunday meetup?

    Where are the girls? I haven't seen you around, chicas. Are we meeting this Sunday? Where? I look forward to seeing you all.
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    Girl's meet up Sunday 9

    Hola Chicas, we have 2 options so far for our Sunday 9th, Meeting. Please vote before Friday. 1) Notorious bar: on Callao 966 ( a few blocks from Santa Fe) meeting at 3, 3.30. 2) Brunch at: Champagne Brunch at SAE! There will be a Sunday brunch on Sept. 9th (SUN!) at 11:30 am at the South...
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    Girl's Meet up on Sunday

    Hola Girls I see nobody posted about our coffe/brunch/meeting for this Sunday. What's the plan? Any suggestion?
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    Girls' Meet up Sunday 9

    Hola Girls, Browsing the site I found this and I thought we could join, instead of meeting in a cafe at 3.00 we could do this instead. Let me know! Also, where do we meet this incoming Sunday? There will be a Sunday brunch on Sept. 9th (SUN!) at 11:30 am at the South American Explorer´s Club in...