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    Formosa: What is going on and why does it matter?

    I'm pretty neutral on Argentina politics and even though my partner is a huge Kirchnerista it has become a favourite hobby of mine over the past year to watch and listen to C5N "journalists" scramble to try to defend situations like this, taking shots for each "but Macri!!!!" is a fun game...
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    Survey: Did You Catch the Covid 19 in Argentina ?

    Yes I got it, some bright spark turned up at my girlfriend's office with every symptom under the sun and within a week 15 people in their office plus all of their partners (including moi) were struck down with it.
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    For those overstaying....

    My guess is immigration were talking about the previous automatic extension ending which will very likely be extended automatically this month.
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    Hiring a car with a debit card?

    Ah great to know thanks, adding to the confusion is that in France they do not differenciate the same as in the US/UK regarding debit and credit cards which is maybe why my card worked in France/Italy.
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    Hiring a car with a debit card?

    Has anyone had success in hiring a car with a debit card in Buenos Aires? I recently reserved a car thinking that my HSBC Gold Mastercard from my France account was a credit card but now checking it has debit written on it. I'd used it many times to hire a car in France and Italy so didn't put...
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    Dating in Argentina vs Dating in US/UK....

    My brief usage of dating apps here before meeting my current partner showed me that anyone under the age of 35 falls into the worldwide "Do you have Instagram?" personality grouping, where one's entire existence is based and judged on what is posted on their Instagram profile. Thankfully my...
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    BA Real Estate market to take a dive before the end of the year.

    I know everyone has different tastes and requirements but I'd have to be completely off my head to pay 1.6M USD on an apartment. I'd be living in a mansion miles from anyone else with that type of cash.
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    Private Spanish tutor for accent reduction

    Yeah it's natural when it's picked up through speech over time with native speakers and expected, but I cringe at the "HEY LOOK AT ME!!!!!" attention seeking acts of gringos two minutes off a plane.
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    Dollar Value Predictions 2021/2022

    The Western Union thread is an amusing read, everyone rushing (including myself) to take advantage of the rate at 85 or 90 pesos to the dollar last year, today it's at 146. Like most things in Argentina it will be almost impossible to predict, I'll just keep praying to the Western Union gods.
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    Buses in Capital

    I've been taking buses quite regularly recently without issue, no checks are carried out.
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    Traveling to BA

    If you are looking into teaching English I'd look to opportunities online. Market is extremely saturated just now due to the pandemic but it's still possible to pull in 1k or 1.5k USD a month which would get you a one bedroom flat in a nice area of BA with enough left over to enjoy Buenos Aires.
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    Would you like to spend the rest of your life in Argentina?

    Arrived here in March one day before the border closure, met my girlfriend and now we're living together so it's safe to say I'll be here long term. I'd be happy to live here permanently, if you earn USD online the lifestyle is great, a lot to see and do, and great travel destinations all close...
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    Vaccination Tourism Has Started

    What does everyone think will be the options in the future for perma-tourists, those without residency etc in Argentina in the future? Will a trip back "home" be required? Or as it's Argentina no one can guess? :D
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    Private Spanish tutor for accent reduction

    I'd feel a bit of an idiot if I tried to mimic exactly how Porteños speak like Dustin, I'm Scottish, not Porteño. I reduce my accent as much as possible to avoid misunderstanding but if someone just forces a specific accent or uses phrases unnatural for a non native it would come across as...
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    Argentina Legalizes Abortion In Historic Senate Vote

    I agreed with making it legal in the belief that a safe, secure abortion in a public hospital would be preferable to an illegal one, but like stated before I don't get the mass celebrations as if they have won a world cup, ending a life isn't something I'd typically crack open the champagne for.
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    How is it going?

    I arrived here as a backpacking "nomad" one day before they closed the border, this week I moved in with my Argentinian girlfriend, life comes at you fast..
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    Project underway to suspend elections in 2021

    I try to take a neutral stance on Argentine politics given I arrived in March but I already love watching my favorites on C5N try to backtrack and defend (or in C5N's case, completely ignore) situations like this.
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    Buenos Aires positions itself as a post-pandemic destination for digital nomads

    As someone that arrived in March on a tourist visa and now staying long term it will be interesting to see the details of the dedicated visa for the Digital Nomads programme.
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    Where should I live in Buenos Aires?

    Colegiales near Palermo is also a good option, I stayed there for a few months. For a one bedroom apartment I was paying around 430 USD a month based on the then Western Union conversion rate which was 100 pesos to the dollar at the time, now at around 140.
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    Dating in Argentina vs Dating in US/UK....

    Nothing wrong with the behaviour, I just find it amusing that no one can admit to having a boring dating life in a new country as an expat, everyone is around the clock "hitting it". It's chat I'd expect amongst a bunch of 14 year old boys.