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    Looking for room in an apartment 2 nights a week

    Hi I am looking for somewhere close to the city that has a spare room available. I am however only going to be using this room for 2 nights a week maximum. If any one has anything available or knows of anywhere that would be great!
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    Looking for friends

    Hi there, I am a 27 year old Aussie girl working in Argentina for the next couple of months. My work hours are fairly hetic, however I would love to make some new friends here to meet up with on my days off! Feel free to email me: Look forward to hopefully meeting you...
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    New to Buenos Aires

    Hi, I am an Austrlian girl working in Buenos Aires for a couple of months and would like to meet other english speaking people as I know very little spanish at this stage. You can email me at: Would love to hear from you. Katrina