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    property in Buenos Aires

    thanks for the replies !! I didnt releasize there was another thread but i've been reading it. that and the replies here have given already much useful information. I'll look at it some more and probably come back with more specific questions :) Thanks for the help!!
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    property in Buenos Aires

    Hello fellow expats! I've been living in Buenos Aires for a couple of years now and lately I've started thinking about buying a property and such no longer pay rent (and maybe receive a little bit, depending on the property). Does anyone have any experiences with this? What are the things i...
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    English and German speakers for translation projects

    Hello, I'm a Belgian living in Buenos Aires. I've worked as a translator before and have taken a CELTA course to teach English. My native language is Flemish/Dutch and I also speak Spanish and English. Although it has been a while, I’ve studied languages and can make sense of German and French...