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    Divorce lawyer - law advice. Divorce in Arg., assets in USA

    Thanks. I do agree with you, I hope I never have to use a divorce lawyer to represent me against my husband, but I have been trying to come to an agreement and he is giving me the runaround. He is a lawyer himself and a master at chamuyo. I need to know what my rights and options are to have...
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    Divorce lawyer - law advice. Divorce in Arg., assets in USA

    There is also another BA apartment that belongs to a sociedad and I have asked my husband to put it in my name (it is a crappy apartment, I would get the short end of the stick, but I want to secure something). He says "no way, you have never worked en blanco and you cannot prove origin of...
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    Divorce lawyer - law advice. Divorce in Arg., assets in USA

    THANKS! The appartment is in Argentina. We are both Argentinean. The bank account is in the US. It is not a joint bank account - it is in his name but I do have some participation in it (I remember signing papers).
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    Divorce lawyer - law advice. Divorce in Arg., assets in USA

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a divorce lawyer or firm who also deals with international law. I will lay out the facts here as well in case anyone has gone throuh a similar case and can share information: We are married in the US. We live in Argentina. Two teenage...
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    What Happened To The Dvds For Sale On Sidewalks

    There are still some. On the Paseo Alcorta sidewalk for example. I cannot stand Netflix. In Belgrano there´s a galería in Olazabal between Cabildo and Obligado (only on weekends) where you can get almost any DVD (movies and series) for $35.
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    Need A Us Cell Phone Number (Us Bank Related)

    Thanks BAJeffpat!!
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    Need A Us Cell Phone Number (Us Bank Related)

    Thanks for your suggestions. Does it work with SMS? That´s all I need. Thanks!
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    Need A Us Cell Phone Number (Us Bank Related)

    Hello all, Have not written/participated in ages. I am fully settled and no longer feel like an expat, but I still need your advice :) Short version: I live in BA and need a US cell phone number to receive text messages from my US bank. Long version below: On my last trip to the US, I...
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    Mac Os El Capitan Compatible Keyboards In Ba?

    Hi! My old Mac keyboard is not working well. I've seen some Logitech keyboards but have been warned that they might not work with El Capitan. Does anyone know which ones do work with El Capitan that can be purchased in Argentina for less than 600 pesos? What about the Noga 2.4 G? Gracias!
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    Letting Your Kids Starve

    Could you expand and give examples on how things have gotten a lot worse for you? I mean, feeling the pinch is one thing, but things getting worse, I don't see it yet. I am being cautious, expectant, cutting off on food delivery and cooking more at home, but that's about it. Just thinking twice...
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    Ziploc Bags

    Carrefour Alcorta
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    Any Recommendation For Tennis In

    Cheap and no-nonsense: circuito KDT in Salguero - between Paseo Alcorta mall and Costanera.
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    Changing Us $ To Pesos

    14 pesos per dollar yesterday (300 US$).
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    Spine Surgery Question

    Got it! Doctor Pablo Marino at Fleni. Also recommended is Dr. Repetto in Belgrano. Good luck!
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    Spine Surgery Question

    Sorry to hear about your health issues... :o Gives me some perspective on my silly aches & pains. My sister's friend recently had spine surgery at Fleni. I saw her last week, she is doing fine and ready for physical therapy now. She had nerve damage due to herniated cervical discs. She spent a...
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    Starting Work In The Morning

    Showing up whenever he pleases in the morning also shows lack of respect. These people spend an awful amount of time checking out silly videos on their phones (during work hours), but they never ever use them to send a quick message saying "late/cannot come/be there in 30'". It's a good thing...
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    Activa Yogurt

    I just loved that commercial about a woman having her flakes in the morning and 10 minutes later the breakfast table was empty and you heard a voice saying "she is having her All Bran moment".
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    Dear Portenos

    I had a quick chat with a mom this morning while dropping off my boy at 8 am for a school activity. She was telling me how sorry she felt for our children "this early, in this cold". :confused:
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    New Electric Bill Arrived: And The Total Is....

    All that fighting over the a/c for nothing!!! The dictatorship of happiness almost cost me a divorce! :D Just got our bill: 419 kwh - $274 . And I live in an oligarca barrio, no subsidy.