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    Panqueque de Manzana al Rhum

    Must have the recipe of this delicious (AL RHUMmy)dessert at Kentucky Rural, but in english if anyone can help! Much obliged
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    Olive oil

    Cheddar Cheese, is available at Jumbo in Palermo, at the counter for hams and pickles, not blocks but sliced.
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    Lego Toys

    Directions required for purchase of Lego Mindstorm-any suggestions
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    baking ingredients

    Hi all, Moved in from HongKong a couple of months ago. Very stressful move, still settling in. Have 2 children 10 & 8, studying at Lincoln. Love to bake and cook, but alas, don't know the local language too well. Can someone guide me to someplace for purchase of goods with labels in english...