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    Argentina A Wasted Decade Or A Wasted Century.

    Argentina a wasted decade or a wasted century?. 1:01 PM John Boyle Its so hard to cram the history of the last century in Argentina into a short story so many things have happened and the country keeps repeating the same mistakes and refusing to move on. To pick the moment of the...
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    We Ru(I)N Buenos Aires 2014

    When a large company like Nike say they are going to arrange a half marathon in Buenos Aires you assume that you are dealing with a serious company that will put on a good show. I booked online along with 10,000 others paying $220 pesos for the privilege of pounding the streets of Buenos Aires...
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    How Do I Ship Two Bags Of Luggage To The Us

    People i know were travelling Argentina and received terrible news from home. They took a flight from bariloche to Aep and did not even have time to collect the luggage before making the last AA flight of the day back to the states. So the two bags are now with me. I have been to UPS but they...
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    Argentine Football at Argentine Prices Tigre Vrs Estudientes

    Anyone fancy going to watch Tigre vrs Estudientes de la Plata on Monday evening. I know everyone wants to see Boca or River but its day light robbery getting the tickets. At Tigre you pay on the day at the stadium. $60 pesos adults $40 pesos Adult females and about 20 pesos for kids. I am a...
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    Taxi Scams Buenos Aires

    TAXIS SCAMS BUENOS AIRES BY A BUENOS AIRES TAXI DRIVER Hola I am John Boyle of Mine is a company that does bilingual transfers to and from Buenos Aires International Airport (EZE). And it is in that capacity that I have heard of the many little scams and tricks used by...
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    Argentine Football at Argentine Prices

    Hola As you can see my name is Windy, I have been in Buenos Aires for almost 8 years and i have to say i love it. I live in the northern suburbs of the city and have become a fanatic of Tigre who play in the Argentine first division. I attend the matches buying my ticket on the day for $50...
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    British Airways to begin Direct Buenos Aires flights again.

    To begin again in March yipee. If anyone has any more info on this please post. No more Sau paulo or Madrid stop offs
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    Poverty in the USA Just How Bad?????

    That 'Official' Poverty Rate? It's Much Worse than You Think By David DeGraw September 23, 2010 "AlterNet" - While the shocking new poverty statistics from the Census Bureau indicating that a record 43.6 million Americans lived in poverty in 2009 emphatically demonstrates the severity of the...
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    ESMA navy mecanics torture center in nunez

    Hola a todos. Does anyone know if this center(Museum) is open to the public yet?. And if so what are the opening hours,cost ect. Thanks in advance. Windy
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    AEP airport to close oct 20 until dec 5th

    |08/03/2010 Ezeiza is getting ready to accommodate Aeroparque flights The mega project under way at Ezeiza International Airport will make it possible to operate the flights relocated from Jorge Newbery City Airport, also known as Aeroparque, as from October 20. This is due to the provisional...
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    Latin Americas move to the left Good ? OR Bad

    The Transformation of Latin America is a Global Advance The radical tide is about to be put to the test in Brazil and Venezuela. If support holds, it will have lessons for all of us By Seumas Milne August 20, 2010 "The Guardian" --Nearly two centuries after it won nominal independence and...
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    The cost of living in Buenos Aires

    THE COST OF LIVING IN BUENOS AIRES We have a lot of inflation in argentina so by the time you read this it will probably be out of date. 1)i will try to help as best i can with the expat list. FOOD AND BERVERAGES Supermarkets are very cheap espcially for beers and wines. They also offer big...
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    Buenos aires apartment rental faq

    Buenos Aires Apartment Rental FAQ By David Burg Relocating to another country is never easy. It involves countless hours of research, phone time, and seemingly endless amounts of paperwork. Despite the hassles, thousands of expatriates make the decision make the move to Buenos Aires...
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    Apartment palermo soho

    I have a great apartment to rent on cabrera y julian alvarez would prefer a long term but we consider all rental offers price is u$s 1250 per month but is negoiable for longer term. It can be viewed on the website of msba2309 contact 0054-11-47933496
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    Greeces furture argentinas past from the bbc

    Greece v Argentina: Who wins on penalties? Page last updated at 23:02 GMT, Tuesday, 4 May 2010 0:02 UK E-mail this to a friend Printable version By Robert Plummer Business reporter, BBC News Anyone examining the precedents for the Greek financial crisis might well be amused by the draw for...
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    my visa is out can i fly to iguazu

    After over six years living in and enjoying Argentina i have begun the process of getting legal in this country that is now my home. I was born to hate pointless paper work and Argentina it seems was created to invent it. When i married an Argentine in Ireland over 8 years ago the following day...
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    The time change that never happened

    Last Sunday 18th of oct the clocks here were supposed to go forward by one hour, But 3 days before that the government cancelled the decision and said they were not planning to change the clocks this year. The first i noticed of anything strange was when i went to collect someone from EZE...
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    Buenos aires hash house harriers

    COME AND JOIN THE EXPAT DRINKING CLUB WITH A RUNNING PROBLEM Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers An excellent way to make friends and meet with the ex pat community in Buenos Aires is to join The Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers which is a drinking club with a running problem, they meet every...
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    Mardi Gras Hash house Harriers 10th of Feb

    This Sunday 10th of Feb is the Famous Mardi Gras Hash House Harriers Meeting in Downtown BA. All are welcome and fancy dress is optional. Afterwards there is a monton of beer Hurricans and food all for only $18pesos Below are the intructions but if you have any questions please post them...
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    Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers sunday 7th oct