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    Cedula azul

    Anyone here with info regarding the documents my wife and I need to authorise the above titled tramite?I need her permission to drive here car and vice versa.any info would be greatly appreciated,maybe someone on here has been through the process.:rolleyes:
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    serious assault last night if anyone knows any of the people in the foto,s please let us know,many thanks
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    new cellfone question

    I have got a new cellfone (from Santa) it,s a samsung(claro),my old fone is of movistar and the chip isn,t compatible,soooo what do I need to do please?thanks in advance Howard
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    take a moment of your time....

    to say a prayer for 9 year old Tomas who was tragically murdered in his home town of Lincoln,Buenos Aires God bless you Tomas,rest in peace little one
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    Which subte?

    I need to do a tramite for my son en calle Berutti in front of Alto Palermo shopping.Which subte do I take from Retiro,and is the stop close by?many thanks
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    enjoy the lovely sunny days

    cos look what,s coming from Thursday .... :eek:
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    pool room

    I need your help guys.I remember playing pool a few years ago,I remember it was near Nuñuz as we played football there beforehand.All I remember is that it was upstairs and female staff served us;wearing cowboy hats,and re-racked the balls each frame,anyone know this place? thanks Howard:rolleyes:
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    san pedro this weekend

    Seven of us are going to San Pedro for the weekend,if any of you guys/gals want to join us you,d be very welcome,regards Howard
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    Tigre boat trips

    went to Tigre yesterday,by car, as it was a lovely day,although i wouldn,t recommend driving there on a Sunday as it,s very busy.We decided to take a boat trip.the cattamaran was 60 pesos for one hour and a half(kids free)and another one we found,called Bambi,was 28 pesos for one hour,kids...
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    two questions...

    What happened at the over 40,s meet up?anyone go?did it happen? and did French Jurist set a day for the lunch at his place?anyone heard owt?;) sorry if I missed any thread on this but i was just wondering:rolleyes:
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    what a cheek..... :confused::confused:
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    Flying ants

    anyone else got flying ants all over the place,,here in San isidro there are millions!!!:eek:
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    Australia v England live link enjoy:) England 0-1 Strauss out!!!:(
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    do any of you folks play cricket?

    my team in Belgrano are looking for players.PM me if you are interested,thanks Howard:)
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    any drivers here?

    I can,t find my "Cedula verde" anywhere.I was wondering if any of you have ever lost yours and had to get a replacement.If so how do I go about doing that?:mad:thanks in advance,Howard
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    Mccartney concert in River stadium

    anyone going tonight or tomorrow? I am going tonight so if you,re not I will report back tomorrow on how it was,regards Howard;)
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    has anyone got a chest freezer they will not be wanting in the near future?as it,s for our Quincho,Idon,t want to buy a brand new one:rolleyes: thanks Howard
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    a new scam

    I received an e-mail(circular)from a friend saying that the latest robber,s trend is to throw eggs at your windscreen,you automatically turn the wipers on and,hey presto,you can,t see a thing due to the mixture of egg and water!!!:confused:....just wanted to share it with you guys;)
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    Barclays bank in BA

    does anyone know of a Barclays bank here in Buenos Aires? I am sure someone once said that there was.Thanks for any info you may have,regards Howard ps I found this,but not too helpful :rolleyes:
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    let,s cheer ourselves up

    by posting some funny jokes:):) I have just started a time travellers club.Our first meeting will be last night at 5pm:D your turn.............