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    Returning to the US?

    Is anyone planning on returning to the US anytime soon? I am currently in the US and I need to buy a jigsaw puzzle from Argentina. I thought about having a friend who is there ship it to me via FedEx but the shipping is around 70USD. If anyone buys a puzzle and puts it on Ebay, I will be sure to...
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    Travling tips?

    So I'm planning a 3 week viaje through El Interior. Below are the cities I am going to in REVERSE order (as in im going to Cordoba, then Mendoza, etc. ) the cities in capital letters are absolutes. the others are if i have time. I'm going to spend about 3 days each in Cordoba and Mendoza, then...
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    traveling through the interior. buses?

    I'm planning doing doing some traveling through the interior. I'll most likely do Cordoba, Mendoza, and Salta. I think I know how to buy my ticket to Cordoba, but if I want to go to places in between these cities, like Valle de la Lune between Mendoza and Salta, how do I buy tickets for that...
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    remis company from capital to ezeiza?

    Can anyone recommend a remis company that will not rip me off from capital to ezeiza? I hear you can get it for around 70 pesos.
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    Where can I buy...

    Soy sauce and garlic? I haven't seen any off chance at a Disco, but I didn't even know how to ask for Soy Sauce.
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    If I want to travel in the interior for a while and want to leave a piece of luggage behind, anyone know where I can use a locker for 2 weeks?
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    classical concerts

    So I happened to read a two days old La Nacion today and saw that Joshua Bell performed on Tuesday in the BA. That really kills me that I missed his concert. Is there any definitive guide on this summer's (winter's) classical concerts in BsAs?
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    eats in recoleta

    hola So I'm living in Recoleta for the next couple months and need some food recommendations. I live on the intersection of Callao and Libertador and would like places I could walk to (granted I'm willing to walk a good distance, lets just say entire Recoleta) I'm living alone so nothing fancy...
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    Looking for a bedroom in San Telmo in July/August

    Hello, I'm looking for a furnished sublet or studio in San Telmo for July/August. PM me if you have a place you could rent out.
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    Strawberries? Frutisias?

    Has anyone seen strawberries anywhere? I know they are out of season but someplace has GOT to have some. So far I've only checked out fruit stands and Carrefour.
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    Housing reality check?

    Hello forum, I read the Craigslist debate thread and was wondering: Is it realistic to look for a furnished place in San Telmo for less than $400 USD? I'd be looking for a place with a kitchen with fridge and a bed. (I don't even need a living room!) I'm a homestay right now for 600$ USD a...
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    gym shorts!

    Hi I just got here two days ago from the states and I realized I forgot my gym shorts. I went to the galeria pacifico to buy a pair but all I found were nike, puma, and adidas, and all were very expensive! Is there anywhere I can buy some non-import brand gym shorts for less than a 100 pesos?
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    1-800 numbers from Argentina

    Hey everybody, first post: Does it cost anything to call a 1-800 number to the US from here? For example, would I able to do it from a phone booth without paying? If I call a 1-800 from my homestay's house phone (land line), would it cost them anything? Background: I'm asking because I...