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    Traveling dog

    oh i forgot to mentioned that it's a big Labrador!!!!
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    Traveling dog

    Dear All, i am looking for some tips help or advises i would like to send my dog from Buenos Aires to France, anyone knows how and what i should to or where i could get all the necessary info? thanking you in advance, regards Labahaminette.
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    interested in doing a photography course?

    Hey Kirst, thanks for the info i am going back home to the Bahamas next month and should be back before Jan 15th even if i miss one course i would still love to join. you can email me details when you have more at Thanks Celine.
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    bringing a pet to BA

    Hello I brought my 80pounds labrador with me from the Bahamas to BA via Miami you only need the regular shots dated for more than a month and less than 160 something days a good health certificate from the ministry of agriculture and from the vet that's all. Then when you arrive here it takes...
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    interested in doing a photography course?

    i am in as well!!! i have been trying to find something nice and not too expensive! but it's been quite of a challenge...... i am also interested in taking sculpting/ceramic courses if anyone knows something please keep me posted Thanks
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    Shipping to the US?

    I have sent my labrador with them from the Bahamas to Buenos Aires via Miami but they go everywhere.... there were fantastic!!! and cheap it was either 4000 dollars with an other company or 600 with them, and they took care of my baby like a king they even sent me pictures of him while in Miami...
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    New in town and looking for somewhere to stay for a week!

    Hotel Carlosvia Lavalle 3119 - Cap. Fed. / Bs As 54-11-4116-2850/3 54-11-4864-2032 (mapa) i stayed there the first week i was there not a nice area but the rroms are nice and it's cheap and clean and the people are very nice Ciao
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    psychoanalyst in BA

    Hello, I am looking for a psychoanalyst in Recoleta, any recommendations?? Thanks,
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    Ceramic/sculpting Classes

    Thank you!!!!
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    Ceramic/sculpting Classes

    Dear All, I live in Recoleta and i am looking for a sculpting/ceramic/poterie classes Any recommendations???? Thanks.
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    Heartworm Meds - Dogs

    Got the same problem with my Dog cannot find Heartguard, I have a friend coming next week who is going to bring me some, let me know if you'd like some as well i can ask for couple of boxes it's not a problem!
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    Finally Arrived!!

    Hi, i moved here 2 month ago from the Bahamas! re: school for TX_Traveler: i have been going to Ibero Spanish School 150 Uruguay and they are very good , US$100 per week 4 hours a day 5 days a week!