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    Accommodation in Salta / Jujuy

    Anybody know of some decent websites to find a house/apartment rental in Salta or Jujuy areas? Not finding much online..... or if anyone reading this owns property around there, we're looking for the month of october - 2 bedrooms, bigger than 600 sq ft, please PM me. thx :)
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    Expats in Mendoza.... anyone out there?

    Any expat groups / meet-ups/book-exchanges/wine tasting clubs/ running clubs/conversation exchanges/ asados/etc etc in mendoza happening? We just got here, and Mendoza rocks! Would be great to meet some folk... Be happy to organise something if people were interested... asado or book...
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    Anyone know good bike&wine trips?

    Hi everyone, My folks are coming to visit in October and I'd like to take them on a few days bike & wine trip - when you cycle between wine farms, etc etc. Anyone have any recommendations? The more adventurous the better, and the old folks are very fit. It can be a few days long also. Much...
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    eh hello?

    hi everyone, Me and my handsome irish lad, James, have just moved over from Ireland (I'm south african). We're computer and advertising geeks and are trying to find out if we can run our web business ( from Argentina. Please god, because we love it here! Just thought I'd say...
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    Running Buddies Wanted

    Hi Myself and my gal are fresh off the boat from Dublin. With all this ice-cream and steak around I've decided to start training for the Buenos Aires Marathon in October. With that in mind I'm looking for running buddies. I'm aiming for sub 4 hours this time around. Last time I checked I...