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    Will Cepo come back?

    If I come back to Argentina in 3 months should I bring 100 dollar bills? I'll be the first to say that using my 0 fee US debit card at stores in BA with it being basically the same as cuevas is so much better. And I know you all are just as lazy as me. Could you all give some insight into what...
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    Door To Door Packages/puerta A Puerta Correros

    I recently saw this service for Correo Argentino that looks like it makes online shopping/getting packages a lot easier. Has anyone used this system? Curious as if it works well it would be a lot easier to buy stuff online. Yes I know theres oppressive taxes, I accept that, but this looks like...
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    Argentina The Next Lithium Superpower?

    Interesting video that was recently posted about Argentina's future economy in lithium. It also is a case for Macri's policies in the long run.
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    Proctored Exam At Us Embassy

    Does the US embassy do proctored exams for US universities? Anyone have experience with this?
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    Us Citizens: Lobby Your Congressmen For Tax Treaty

    Hey everyone, As you can see here, Argentina doesn't have a tax treaty with the US. Currently Macri is pleasing a lot of politicians in the US, so maybe it might be worth a push to get members of congress to support one? If someone knows what would be good to write as a template we could all...
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    Easter Island

    Has anyone here been? If so how is it? Worth the money?
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    Landing In Argentina At 3:15Am

    If my flight lands at 3:15 AM, anyone have suggestions of where to stay for a night? Somewhere that I could stay for 10-12 hours?
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    Resources For Temporary Apartments

    Can anyone recommend where to find temporary apartments online? I have found a site called, wondering if anyone has used it before and if so did it work out well? Also I obviously know about airbnb but the prices on there are much higher than what I found on 4rentargentina...