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    "low Quality" Tourism In Buenos Aires

    I have been interested reading in the past year how several European cities like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Rome etc have been changing laws and policies to "increase" the level of tourism, and by this I mean limiting the number of cheap hotels, tacky souvenir stores, attractions and activities that...
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    Business Broker In Buenos Aires?

    Hi, I own a successful and growing 6 year old tourism business in Buenos Aires and am interested in selling it. I am looking for a business broker or someone that would be able to help find a buyer and carry out the transaction for us, but I haven't been able to find something like that in...
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    Changing Money

    Hi, For the last few years I've always changed money (USD to pesos) at cuevas for the blue rate, but in the past several months it seems the "blue" rate is a little lower than the official rate, especially if you have to change bills that aren't 50's or 100's. Question, could I just go to any...
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    Good Wine Shops

    Can anyone recommend wine shops in Capital Federal that 1) have a good selection of great interesting wines (not just the same wines as every chino/supermarket) and 2) offer good prices, especially if buying full boxes and or paying cash? I love the selection at Joaquin Alberdi and Pain et...
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    Dollars In Atm's

    Hi, Has anyone found dollars in ATM's in Buenos Aires recently since the cepo ended? Alternatively has anyone brought in dollars using a service like Xoom or Western Union? Thanks!
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    Passport Entry Stamp For New Passport

    Hi, I'm a US citizen living in Argentina and I need to renew my US passport here in Argentina. I understand the process of getting it from the embassy, but I am a bit worried about leaving the country the next time as the new passport won't have an entry stamp from Argentina immigrations. Does...
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    Visa Photo

    Hi, I'm going to migraciones on Monday to start the work visa process. I have everything I need except I need to get some 4x4 photos. Where can I get these done around Palermo/Recoleta? Thanks for your help!