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    Salvage Yard Info Needed

    Hi and help.... I have a friend of mine coming into town next week trying to locate architectual objects, anything from antique doors, fountains, statues, fireplace and window surrounds to unique and historical furniture. Any info would be greatly appreciated. You may send private note as...
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    Where to find 1950's-1970's modern antiques?

    Hey out there, can anyone pls recommend antique shops, markets or contacts off the beaten path for antique modern furniture (preferably mid-century). I am familiar with San Telmo as well as the Dorrego market but looking for other areas, even in the province.You can send private note as well...
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    Re: Ice cream cake help?

    Sorry to say but I don't anyone that makes it that large, however when it comes to BA, you got think creatively. How about laying the 3 cakes together somehow and writing the birthday wishes with one word per cake or there are also those mini chocolate covered ice cream individual bar looking...
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    Girl's Meet-up this Sunday

    Any recommendations for a cool little cafe for this Sunday's meet-up at 3pm? This is an opportunity for women to meet other women as well as getting to know different parts of the speak up and don't be shy.
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    Wanting 2 make some GFs 2

    Ok Ladies, a couple of us discussed this on Sunday.....lets start a weekly coffee meet-up for women on Sundays at 3 pm! So anyone can attend and I think it would be best to rotate locations to make it a little bit more "get to know the city". So any recommendations for the first meeting??? We...
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    Leave to Uruguay or pay fine at EZE?

    Hi, my apologizes if this has been a subject of a previous post, but I am not a resident and I am approaching the three month mark. I don't have time to go to Uruguay, but I have heard that one can go to the ports and have them stamp your passport for a fee....has anyone done this? Or I can just...
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    X Games?

    Anybody know of a sportsbar in BA that will be showing the X Games this weekend, particularly Thursday's events??? Thanks in advance!
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    Ok moms & dads out there, I need your help!

    Hello everyone. I am trying to find the best options for childcare and would love your input. I have a one yr old daughter and have met a wonderful woman who could care for her at home, however I think it may be healthier for her to be with other children right now or perhaps a mixture of both...