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  1. Patt

    Beer and Wine

    Hi Group I just posted a new podcast today about Argentine wine. The one under that is about Argentine Beer. Kind of a wet month for WTFA. The site is totally free. You can even subscribe to the podcasts so they go directly to your itunes when they are uploaded to the site. Enjoy...
  2. Patt

    English speaking Dermatologist

    I am need an English speaking Dermatologist. I am not covered by insurance. Any recommendations?
  3. Patt

    audios in castellano?

    Anyone know of an online free download source for audiobooks in castellano? Preferably stories - even children's stories - I am about at that level and am in RECEIVE mode today. I just want to put the headphones on and listen - not to the TV or to news. Thanks
  4. Patt

    Photo Buffs want to meet up and safari

    Now that this weather is getting better are there any photo enthusiasts that want to meet up during the day and head out on a safari to different parts of the city just to shoot photos? If so send me a mail. I have a digital pocket camera and also a bigger one. I would feel better not using...
  5. Patt

    non-surgical face-lift workshop

    Last year I ws asked by people on this list to let them know about upcoming workshops when available. For those of you that do not like the idea of having plastic surgery to defy time, a workshop called the Natural Non-Surgical Face-Lift is being offered now in BA. You can go to the site...