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  1. BKK to BA

    Just Stopped in To Say Hi To Old Friends

    glad to see everyone is still complaining about the same stuff they were when I was there Hi to FrenchJurist,CityGirl and anyone else who still might be in BsAs Salud from Bangkok ChooChoo says "Hi"
  2. BKK to BA

    ChooChoo in Thailand

    thought I'd post a few pix of my Argie dog loving her new life in Thailand
  3. BKK to BA

    A Sea Lion Made me Go to Germany:My Trip Outta BsAs!

    ok so I get to the airport @ 4:00pm in Buenos Aires w/ all my shit,9 suitcases and my dog ChooChoo ready to board a Malaysia Air flight to to Bangkok via S.Africa and Kuala Lumpur,and this rep comes up to me and says "The dog cannot fly today because we have a sea lion on board" in that abrupt...
  4. BKK to BA

    Photography Lighting For Sale

    Im selling my WaliMex Daylight 150 setup. Its a constant light source excellent for video/stills 3 head units 3 adjustable tripods 3 barndoors all cords and cables included 110-220v total complete everything 200.00 usd...
  5. BKK to BA

    Moving Sale Final Call

    George Foreman grill 4 mos old 100 usd DeLonghi coffee maker used 2 times 70 usd Black and Decker blender 70 usd HP printer/scanner 6 mos old 75 usd ViewSonic VG 2230 computer monitor w/ adjustable height/swivel 150 usd very powerful floor fan 50 usd Leaving on the 11th,everything can be...
  6. BKK to BA

    Need Duffel Bags and Flete English

    in prep fro my move I need to pickup a few duffel bags,nothing special,just something to stuff clothes into and also need to find an English speaking flete service that can get me,my multitude of luggage and ChooChoo to the airport. Thanks DJ
  7. BKK to BA

    Thailand VS.Argentina

    Ive gotten alot of PMs asking essentially the same question: Why am I leaving here(BsAs) and going there(SE Asia),and what are the benefits... Heres a copy/paste of one of my replies: there are pros and cons to both places but in a nutshell cost of living is much cheaper ATMs everywhere...
  8. BKK to BA

    Taking My Dog With Me...Assistance Needed

    Im taking the dog I adopted here with me to Thailand and I need to get shots and health certificate.I know theres a thread on here containing the info of someone who does that that speaks English but I cant seem to find it. Also any suggestions that you can add would be appreciated.Its a 30...
  9. BKK to BA

    Moving and Selling Stuff

    I've decided to leave Argentina after 6 months here and am selling some stuff. Mountain bike 18 speed bought brand for 350 usd new,used 2 months,perfect condition 175 usd. George Foreman grill 4 mos old 100 usd DeLonghi coffee maker used 2 times 70 usd Black and Decker blender 70 usd HP...
  10. BKK to BA

    Where to Find Berocca in Palermo?

    While living in Thailand,a German friend turned me on to Berocca.Since its not sold in the states I had never heard of it prior,but I gotta say theyre a great pre-workout beverage.I brought 3 tubes w/ me from Thailand and im down to just a few tabs left.Can anyone recommend where in Palermo I...
  11. BKK to BA

    Damn Thats some Serious Hail!!!

    Wow golf ball sized hail raining down in Palermo Hollywood!!!
  12. BKK to BA

    Need My Back Waxed...Help!

    anyone know of a place in Palermo that will wax a males back?
  13. BKK to BA

    New Video of Chile Quake

    pretty intense stuff
  14. BKK to BA

    Where to Find Good Custom Leather and Clothes?

    Im looking to have a nice leather coat for the coming cold months,like to have it tailored to my body.Can anyone recommend a place? Also looking for some nice evening clothes,stuff for clubs/bars,nothing too conservative,thats just not me... Thanks DJ
  15. BKK to BA

    Any Place to Watch the Fight Tonight?

    Sugar doesnt look like its showing the fight...anyone know where to catch it?
  16. BKK to BA

    Baseball Fans!!! Up for a Fantasy Baseball League?

    Any baseball fans here in BsAs interested in joining a Yahoo fantasy baseball league?!Just for fun,no $$$. Been playing for years and think it would be a good way to keep up w/ baseball and meet new folks. Respond here or PM and if we get enough folks I will create a league and send...
  17. BKK to BA

    Anyone Know Of a Pro Photography Supply Shop?

    specifically im looking for colored gels for lighting effects.Can anyone recommend a place that sells pro photography/lighting equipment?
  18. BKK to BA

    Academy Awards/Oscars Party?

    Anyone know if there is a place in town to chill and watch the Oscars...or am I the only dork in town?
  19. BKK to BA

    Can You Recommend a Good Parrilla Libre in Palermo?

    Im looking for a good all you can eat Parrilla in Palermo...anyone?
  20. BKK to BA

    For the Vets...Is This Weather Normal?

    just got here as some of you might already know,and I am pretty much tired of this constant rain...whats the this weather typical for summer in BsAs or no? If so im not looking forward to the winter!