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    Expat Meetup: Sunday Merienda

    Hello! Olivia and I would be pleased to join if it is still organized ! See you on sunday !
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    Future Expat Lunch on a Weekend?

    Yes sounds great in week end because we couldn't make it for lunch during the week... With pleasure for the next one !
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    Piso compartido international party!

    Hi, well I don't know if anyone knows a good place so that we could all go for dinner ? (as we just arrived, we don't know many places yet...) We can meet at 9pm at any place in Palermo no ? (I let you choose the place then !)
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    Squash player

    I don't know if there are any squash players around but if so, I would like to find squash partners in Buenos Aires ! Let me know ! Sebastien
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    Hello every ones

    Hi everyone, We have just arrived in Buenos Aires and will stay here a year long. we are french, speak both spanish and english and welcome any opportunities to meet other expats in Buenos Aires ! Sebastien is currently working for Endeavor (NGO working on entrepreneurship) and Olivia is...
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    Piso compartido international party!

    Hi Harleygirl, I have just arrived this week here with my girlfriend too and if it is possible to come join and meet you for the dinner and the party that would be great ! Let us know what you think (my mail
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    Poker night anyone?

    I am in too if something gets organized, lets me know !
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    Expat Lunch: Tuesday April 14th at 1PM.

    Count us two in too !