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    Cheapest time for a visit

    Hey everyone. I'm wondering when the cheapest time would be to visit BA between now and June, and what I could expect to pay for a round trip ticket coming from the US during that time? Thanks in advance.
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    Will I get Stabbed?

    Hi. I'm a supporter of San Lorenzo de Almagro and have yet to see a game at their home stadium in Bajo Flores. I realize that the area is pretty much the worst part of Capital Federal, but I'd like to know if it would be feasible to attend a game on a weekend without too much of a problem. I'm...
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    I studied in Buenos Aires for 5 months last year and often lurked around on this site. It looks like I'll be returning in July for another semester, so I figured this time I'll actually register and participate somewhat. My hobbies include drinking wine, combing the city for spicy food, and...