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  1. Patt

    Artists: Where can I buy Sculpey?

  2. Patt

    Beer and Wine

    Hi Group I just posted a new podcast today about Argentine wine. The one under that is about Argentine Beer. Kind of a wet month for WTFA. The site is totally free. You can even subscribe to the podcasts so they go directly to your itunes when they are uploaded to the site. Enjoy...
  3. Patt

    Where to buy Patagonia beer in BA?

    Though this may not answer your "store" question you may enjoy listening to my last podcast about Beer in Argentina. Happy tasting Patt
  4. Patt

    How do argentine women.

    How do Argentine women keep their shape? I know how my friends do, pilates, boxing, gym, and working long hours at their job burns a lot of calories. Often it is true that they do not have time to eat as well as they could but that is true of everyone in a fast paced lifestyle - men...
  5. Patt

    Your favourite song?

    An absolutely impossible question to answer as people have moods. Here is one I love as it is a challenge. If I can actually sing along with it someday then I SPEAK CASTELLANO - POR FIN ! Ya - I know - Jorge Drexler is from Uruguay and Argentinos say Uruguay is Argentina but they just don't...
  6. Patt

    English speaking Dermatologist

    I am need an English speaking Dermatologist. I am not covered by insurance. Any recommendations?
  7. Patt

    Hot as Hell.

    Well I have not been out and about for over a year. Perhaps entrpreneurship and technology have met here in Argentina. Which is great. I like to see businesses blooming.The last ime I was in El Bolson (south of tourist ridden Bariloche) I hiked a 1/2 hour to the town to connect at the 2...
  8. Patt

    Getting Ripped Off.

    Don babeGot ya! We all get ripped in one way shape or form wherever we go. It is life.The difference in the postings here are that they are recountings of personal assaults. And they happen - everywhere - in every city - in every country. This is a forum about living in Buenos Aires and...
  9. Patt

    Looking for gay guys

    Hey Lee I am far from catty. My best gay friends live in Misiones though I know some here. Feel free to post me on the note thingy on the left side bar. Do you realize you posted this thread on the Women's Forum? Igor could probaly set you up with a Gay Forum if you ask. He set Marc up with a...
  10. Patt

    Hot as Hell.

    Well as they's not the heat it is the humidity. ;0) Personally I love the Andes. Mendoza and San Rafael can be HOT AS HELL but dry heat. You can head further south and even in summer in northern Patagonia (so not to far down past Bariloche) you will still see snow sometimes on the...
  11. Patt

    Is BA the Right Place for Me?

    I have gotten "picked" only once and I knew I was a target. It was in Retiro trying to get on a bus to Misiones. Because I was going for 2 weeks to see friends over the Christmas holidays I needed to carry my things in a larger sized day pack and bring/wear a hat. At the time I had longer...
  12. Patt

    Is BA the Right Place for Me?

    Just come Joe but don't prepay 6 months rent. You may be cooling off in Patagonia before you know it after you feel the heat and humidity here in January. Stay flexible and go with the flow........
  13. Patt

    Is BA the Right Place for Me?

    uh hmmmm - is there a wynn woods post missing or did I screw up and post to the wrong thread?
  14. Patt

    Is BA the Right Place for Me?

    Well written as usual WWYou get back what you give. I know people that see so much negative and it comes right back to them here or anywhere. I just don't have the same experiences. Mine are GOOOOOOOD.Live in the light. I am donning my bikini and heading to the park with a couple of good...
  15. Patt

    Is BA the Right Place for Me?

    Two things - the first may seem weird but here goes. BECOMING INVISIBLE Last Summer I lived in Palermo Soho at the times of several on-street robberies in broad daylight with people looking on. Motorcycle thieves would ride up to an outdoor cafe - dismount - beat on a cafe sitter and take...
  16. Patt

    Expats or Backpackers?

    InanePerfecto Nice to see someone else use it again.Silly isn't it?
  17. Patt

    New arrival -- anyone wanna meet for dinner/drink?

    WW and I went - met some nice people from another forum - not sure which one - and some passer-thrus - short stay people - one month or so and one vegan who came simply to DO marketing on us. It was comical but sometimes painful. Sorry - not trying to sound catty - but it was so assaulting it...
  18. Patt

    Expats or Backpackers?

    Well I bet there are several others on the forum that have traveled a bit here in Argentina. I spent most of my first year back and forth from USA to ARG not in BA. It is such a beautiful country. I did not know I was going past San Rafael (came to look for a piece of land near the canyon to...
  19. Patt

    Re: Cholestorol - How do you get rid of it in Argentina?

    Hi - so hormones are my thaaaaang. I specialize in chronic pain relief, hormones and toxicology. I do not want to inundate you all with too much physiological stuff but you asked.....BTW syngirl's got some great suggestions. I was doing a bit of work today and saw the below document in one of...
  20. Patt

    hi (new to Buenos Aires)

    Please please please people - do not put your personal phone numbers on a public forum. Use the note feature on the left of the page to communicate. There are cell phone/fake kidnapping scams happening in BA - discussed at another expat site.That's all. Abrazos - Patt