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  1. rrptownley

    Standard running track open to public? (Near Palermo?)

    In Parque Chacabuco there's a public running track, but that's the problem - it's public and people get in the way. For Palermo you would have to join a club like Club Universitario de Buenos Aires or Club de los Amigos. Membership is very accesible. Parque Ruben Dario is also meant to have a...
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    The protests at Congreso this week

    I was there reporting. It was similar to the pension bill riots late last year but much smaller in size - bands of organised protestors agitators mostly. The police expect them, form a cordon around Congress, then the agitators start throwing rocks and launching fireworks at the police. They...
  3. rrptownley

    News in Argentina.

    The Bubble has some good political editors but can get swamped with clickbait and articles aimed at people with a very low understanding (or will to do so) of Argentina. Another excellent news site in English which deals almost exclusively in political economic and social issues, and doesn't...
  4. rrptownley

    English-Language News In Print Returns To Ba

    From tomorrow's paper: Saga of Santiago stirs worrying memories of the past — by Bob Cox
  5. rrptownley

    English-Language News In Print Returns To Ba

    Newspapers in Buenos Aires are received through subscription or you can buy them at the green kioscos usually located on avenidas or in subway stations and railway terminals. They look like this:
  6. rrptownley

    English-Language News In Print Returns To Ba

    The Herald is dead, long live the Times. Perfíl newspaper has taken the initiative to fill the gap the Herald tried to serve to the English-speaking community by launching a Saturday supplement The Buenos Aires Times. This project is headed not by the Herald's former editor-in-chief, but by...
  7. rrptownley

    Searching Genuine Volunteering Opportunities

    I've heard good things about Techo and I personally know the great people at Club Union de los Pibes that need volunteers every Saturday to work with the kids.
  8. rrptownley

    Is It Now Cheaper To Bring Computer Parts Into The Country?

    I've noticed this year's new processor line up like AMD's Ryzen and the excellent little Pentium G4560 are selling at good prices on Mercadolibre from trusted sellers. Video cards are still a rip-off there though, closely followed by storage and RAM.
  9. rrptownley

    Is It Now Cheaper To Bring Computer Parts Into The Country?

    I can't give much advice on bringing parts in person through Aduana. Last time I went through I got pulled up by an officer and told I had exceeded the US$150 limit on purchased goods. I pointed out the limit was US$300, I even had the AFIP page on my phone screen as I had been doing the...
  10. rrptownley

    21 Year Old British Male Looking For Work!

    Tompkins trust is still going strong, overseen by his widow. They have conservation efforts underway in Corrientes and Patagonia that I know of.
  11. rrptownley

    Ex-Official Arrested Hiding Bags With Us$ 5-8 Million, Gun

    True, Hebe is a terrible person.
  12. rrptownley

    Looking For A 1-2 Bedroom Apartment/ph Through To 2017

    Hi there, folks. My wife and I are looking to move into a new place. Monthly budget: US$950/14,000 ARS temporary contract, or, 9,000 ARS two-year contract (we have a CABA garantía). Location: Palermo or satellite barrio i.e. Recoleta to Belgrano through Colegiales to Villa Crespo. A little...
  13. rrptownley

    Value Of The Usd V.s. The Peso

    Just venturing here, but Agricultural exports are sold months in advance of the harvest. That would mean that their pricing is always speculative, very much so. Maybe exporters were expecting, like most of us all, a much higher peso:dollar rate than what we currently have. Also important to...
  14. rrptownley

    Rise In Real Estate Prices Over Past 5 Years

    Sounds about right. And all the meanwhile us renters are getting royally shafted by soaring rental prices outstripping inflation. Peso prices have tripled in four years. In Palermo, tourist rentals now cost the same as 2-year contracts when you add in expensas, servicios, ajustes, and commissions.
  15. rrptownley

    Rise In Real Estate Prices Over Past 5 Years

    Hey, citygirl. Closest thing to price comparison and analysis here is Reporte Inmobiliario. They have some free analysis on the website but you can get some good in-depth stuff if you subscribe for a month including barrio prices guides that are broken right down to a block-by-block...
  16. rrptownley

    Letting Your Kids Starve

    I just came across a good Reuters article on Argentine industry's slow bounce back under Macri: It even mentions shoemakers at the beginning! Despite pro-business reforms, Argentina's factory owners struggle BUENOS AIRES, June 2 (Reuters) - Since taking office in December, President Mauricio...
  17. rrptownley

    Patricia Derian Human Rights Diplomat Dies At 86.

    "Fearless in the face of Massera" — Buenos Aires Herald print edition
  18. rrptownley

    Argentina 1 X Trump 0

    This Washington Post article gives an excellent summary of Rousseff's impeachment and the principal players involved.
  19. rrptownley

    Thus Spoke Kristina....""

    Happened last week in Peru
  20. rrptownley

    The Panama Papers

    Shell corporations are used regularly to facilitate both the movement of money around the globe and the creation of corporations, businesses in proxy. Chances are, if you have sent money through Xoom or Azimo, then you also could technically be linked to money in offshore accounts.