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    Local Salary - bad idea?

    I am a repat Argie and I agree with Sara's figures. I know of a few Argie friends who have those types of income. There is a wide range, though... One should look at it case by case... Person #1, 30-year-old, economics college degree, earning $10,000/month at the national version of the IRS. He...
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    Looking for teapot warmer

    Hi Ashley, Sounds like a great solution!! I used to have a nice teapot warmer and would really like to get a new one here, especially now for the Fall!!! :) Thank you for your answer!
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    Looking for teapot warmer

    Hi, I am looking for a teapot warmer, those that are most commonly seen in Germany, but also sold in the US in some areas. Has anybody seen one at a shop here in BA? Thanks a lot!
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    Conversation group: Come meet a native

    I'm interested in the German-language group... do you meet every Monday at 7 pm?
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    American driver's license:how to renew

    Hi, I wonder if there is a way to renew my California driver's license from Argentina, through the mail or the US Consulate, I guess... has anybody done this? Or there is no way but to be in the US? Thank you!!
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    International moving companies: need recommendations

    Thanks a lot again! I am posting the follow-up in case it can be helpful to someone in the future: I called them up and it is indeed more expensive to send the stuff through them than to pay the extra weight charge with the airline, as I have too little stuff (well, compared to moving a whole...
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    International moving companies: need recommendations

    And I am interested in only door-to-door service, so that they take care of all the paperwork, especially on the Bs.As. side...
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    International moving companies: need recommendations

    Hello! I am organizing my move from California to Buenos Aires in the upcoming weeks and I would like to know about any affordable, reliable international moving companies that people on this forum (particularly, folks coming here from the US) have used. I am an Argentine repat and am bringing...
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    How tough is it to go and live in the USA

    I also agree with most of the posters here. I am a Ph.D. in ed student in California and a US naturalized citizen. I am also an Arg repat. Several of my classmates have arrived at the university with a student visa and, some of them, have met their US husbands or wives once they were there. You...
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    Would anyone be interested in a fiction writers group?

    Please keep me posted, too. I am working on my Ph.D. (in education&linguistics) qualifying exam papers and, later this year, on my thesis, so I will also enjoy talking with other people about my writing (for clarity purposes, mainly; you do not have to understand the topics per se...). If there...
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    Overstay fine at Ezeiza

    Hola Sara, I hope all works out well for you!!!! :) I had a similar situation, but was told by the Ezeiza guys that I had to pay a fine if I wanted to leave the country with my US passport, after having entered it with my Arg. one. My Arg. passport had expired in the meantime... I think the fine...
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    Kagyu Tekchen Choling Buddhist Centre

    Hi! I'd like to know if anybody on this site attends this Buddhist center on a regular basis. It's in Belgrano. Thanks a lot!!
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    Chai tea?

    I used to buy a lot of Peet's Masala Chai tea in the US. If it helps, the ingredients listed on the tea box are: 1. Broken Orange Pekoe tea from India, but other black teas may do as well 2. cinnamon = canela 3. ginger = gengibre 4. cardamom = cardamomo 5. cloves = clavos de olor 6. pepper =...
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    Moving back to Argentina: Customs' question

    Thank you!! I had no clue about this certificate. This sounds like the ideal solution. I will check with the Los Angeles consulate!
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    Moving back to Argentina: Customs' question

    Oh, what great news!! One question: you have not lived here for more than 3 months the year before, right? Because, when I had to renew my Arg passport last December, they told me that I was now considered an Arg resident again due to having been here for more than 3 months... this made me think...
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    Moving back to Argentina: Customs' question

    I was planning to bring all my clothes with me on the plane, even if they charge me something for the extra weight, and possibly ship the books... if this makes sense...
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    Moving back to Argentina: Customs' question

    Hi, I am an Argentine repat. I will be bringing clothes and books from the US after having lived (again) in Argentina for a year. If anybody has brought personal items from abroad after residing here for a year or longer, I'd like to know if you have experienced any problems or had to pay any...
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    Need shipping advice

    Sorry, 2 small typos: ... and I had thought about DOING THE SAME THING at first. I bought it at Macstation close to Sta Fe, the other one, MacStore, is a different store, also here...
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    Need shipping advice

    Hi Kelley, I can relate to your problem because my Apple broke last December and I had thought about the same doing at first. After talking to FedEx, I figured that, on top of their services, Customs here would charge me 50% on the price of the new Apple to be brought to BA from the US. Do not...
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    Help Argentinian visit US

    Maybe she can get one of her professors at the program, or the Dean - even better - write a letter stating that she is indeed enrolled in the program and actively working on blahbhahblah... because, if she is enrolled at the (public, free) UBA, there is no sure way of knowing if she is attending...