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    Pinball or "flipper" in BA

    Not a bar, but how about that arcade on Calle Lavalle? I forget if there are pinball machines, however. Might be just video games.
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    Article: Crime & Safety Around The World

    Havana safer than BsAs? I certainly wouldn't have guessed that.. I had a really great long weekend in Chicago (hence the day off yesterday) and was fortunate enough to meet up with a couple of very interesting subscribers...
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    learning spanish- cheap alternatives

    Have your tried intercambios/language exchanges?. Here's one:
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    The next Buenos Aires?

    This blog is quite interesting: Other Colombia-related blogs/forums I have bookmarked:
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    The next Buenos Aires?

    Do you know "International Living"? It's a website and magazine that caters to those looking to expat from the First World to a cheaper, "expat" location. I get a daily email from them and they're already pitching Colombia. An email this week was talking about Medellin in particular.
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    Areas of BsAs to Live..Best/worst?

    Villa Crespo is a poorer, less desirable barrio. Since it's near Palermo, some unscrupulous realtors may choose to call it Palermo while it, in fact, is not. Here's an article on it:
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    Off to the 3 Guyanas

    Must be why it's never touted as a tourist hotspot. Always wondered..
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    Peruvian restaurants

    This is likely it: Small correction -- it's called "Status" I'll vouch for this place too..
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    Making Copies of Keys

    A 'cerrajeria' is one. When I was down (just shortly) one key in the spare set from the rental agency I used didn't work, so I just took a walk in the barrio I was staying (Palermo -- Mansilla/Bulnes) and went around until someone whipped me off a copy. Lots of stores -- finding one shouldn't...
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    Mosquito Madness

    Here's a delicious way..
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    Ezeiza Airport to Palermo Apartment

    If you're travelling alone, I vote for this too. I've done it to & from Ezieza the 2 times I've been to BsAs -- worked well. You can pay by credit card also if you don't have any Arg pesos yet on arrival.
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    Bringing mate to the US

    Some Middle Eastern people drink mate (not sure which nationalities exactly, but I know Lebanese do, because I worked with a Lebanese man who likes mate), so it may make more sense to check out some Middle Eastern shops if you live in a large urban center. Some health food stores carry it too...
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    The BEST BA blog!

    I'm a little surprised you didn't know about this blog, Steve.. It's a good blog, I read it on occasion. Here's one I stumbled across lately -- I find it to be pretty good too:
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    Freddy Mercury turns over

    LOL, never knew 'The Muppets' were still around..
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    Bogota Colombia

    Lot of good detailed info there, Steve, thx. I'll be saving it as I'll likely check out Colombia in the next 1-3 years. Did you go to Barranquilla also? If not, I imagine it's probably like Cartgena in a lot of respects since it's relatively close by.
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    Bogota Colombia

    I was trying to find this site yesterday (in my oodles of bookmarks) but had difficulties: Trip Advisor actually has a little forum for each city, country, etc where one can ask questions for each destination. Might fit the bill..
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    Thanksgiving in Vicente Lopez!

    If you take the Subte to the end of the D line, a taxi is only 10-12 pesos from there.
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    Where do I buy a bike?

    I know a lot of people here like Mercado also:
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    Where do I buy a bike?

    I Googled 'bicicletas Buenos Aires' and found this large list of shops:
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    Bogota Colombia

    Kimberly, Sounds like you need a more general travel site since (as this thread demonstrates), the Colombia knowledge here is limited. Here are 3 I know: