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  1. rrptownley

    English-Language News In Print Returns To Ba

    The Herald is dead, long live the Times. Perfíl newspaper has taken the initiative to fill the gap the Herald tried to serve to the English-speaking community by launching a Saturday supplement The Buenos Aires Times. This project is headed not by the Herald's former editor-in-chief, but by...
  2. rrptownley

    Looking For A 1-2 Bedroom Apartment/ph Through To 2017

    Hi there, folks. My wife and I are looking to move into a new place. Monthly budget: US$950/14,000 ARS temporary contract, or, 9,000 ARS two-year contract (we have a CABA garantía). Location: Palermo or satellite barrio i.e. Recoleta to Belgrano through Colegiales to Villa Crespo. A little...
  3. rrptownley

    The Shop That Sells Sunglasses Made From Wood...

    ...someone posted a while back asking for the location for this place in Hollywood. I've tried to find he old thread but to no avail. Instead I'll post it here. It is called Palo Santo on Bonpland 2215. Great place to find a unique gift. Also, 3 doors down is another store Corchetes that sells...
  4. rrptownley

    The Iron Mountain Fire Was An Act Of Arson- La Nacion

    La Nacion Article The document depository burned that down last year killing 10 fireman and security officials battling the blaze. The fiscal investigating told La Nacion there were various focal points of the fire all with traces of flame accelerant. The depository is home to physical...
  5. rrptownley

    Looking Forward In Argentina, Business Opportunities

    The next 24 months may see the end of the cepo, lifting of importation restrictions, and an economic crash (The classic Argentine reset). Are some of you planning to capitalize on these inbound liberties and opportunities? Will one of us be soon opening Argentina's first Official Apple store...
  6. rrptownley

    Devaluation Thread Continued

    The vocally anti-Kirchnerite, ex-head of Banco Central (BCRA), Carlos Perez in an interview yesterday thinks that the Government will not devaluate the peso further and ride the rest of their mandate maintaining the cepo, whatever the damage done to the economy. He says: the Banco Central's net...
  7. rrptownley

    Long Weekend Getaways In Argentina

    There have been several threads on where to go to spend a few days away from Capital within Argentina. Due to distances involved many of the traditional tourist spots in Argentina are unreachable with few days' itinerary. I stumbled upon a Taringa thread, in Spanish, that contains concise...
  8. rrptownley

    Tourist Visa Controls - 12 Colombians Deported At Eze

    They were deported on arrival from Colombia. Colombian officials are unhappy. One of them managed to escape and is a fugitive in the airport right now.
  9. rrptownley

    Article- What Lies Behind The Blue Dollar

    From the Argentina Independent The article seems well researched and taught me some things about the market and its forces.
  10. rrptownley

    Receiving Magazines, Books From Abroad

    With the new customs laws, are magazines and books being sent by friends through Fedex getting delivered in Capital or are they getting held up at customs? Does anyone have recent experience of this? Thanks.
  11. rrptownley

    Leather Sole Repair

    Does anyone know of a place that does quality leather sole repair in Palermo?
  12. rrptownley

    To Some Marriage Is A Word; To Others A Sentence.

    A word, definitely a word ;) So I did it. I asked my Girlfriend of 5 years to marry me. She said yes and now we are in full planning mode for an end of November wedding. Yippee! But yes, there are some trails to overcome and where else do I come for help but faithful I have...
  13. rrptownley

    Campo On The War Path

    So rural leaders have decided to go ahead with a five day strike on the sale of imperishable goods. Infobae Reuters Mercopress They are protesting the tax on soy and the restrictions in grain exports. Last time they started with this it made quite an impact, anyone remember the absence of beef...
  14. rrptownley


    Along with a change of hue, the leafy fall has brought some problems to my drains. Could anyone recommend me some drainage specialists who could unblock my PH drains? It would be also good to know how much they charge roughly. Thanks in advance
  15. rrptownley

    Washing Machine Repair

    Could anyone recommend servicio tecnico for washing machines close to Palermo?
  16. rrptownley

    Great Chieftain O' The Pudding-Race!

    Would anyone know of a butchers' where I could find lamb stomach, heart and lungs?
  17. rrptownley

    We want dialogue! No, not here, not now!

    Quite amusing reading on CFKs UN appearance (admittedly BBC news, but pretty unbiased). Awkward moment when: "[Legislator]Mr Summers tried to pass a letter offering talks with the Falklands government to President Fernandez but could not get close enough. Argentina's foreign minister refused...
  18. rrptownley

    The winds of change

    The population wont wake up to the governments problems soon, but there does seem to have been a large shift in media and social media attitudes to Kirchnerism in the last few weeks. As the economy hurtles towards derailment and the government´s money dwindles, let us assume that CFK loses...
  19. rrptownley

    For those that thought Spanish was/is difficult to learn... could be worse:
  20. rrptownley

    Bose idock speaker repair

    My British bought Bose speakers have broken, does anyone know of a Bose dealership in the city where I can take them to be repaired? I can't take them to a normal repair shop because they're as complicated as a computer inside and I void my warranty without a certified Bose repairman. Much...