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    LIke Photos? LOVE BA? check this out

    en la Ciudad de la Furia for now... This past summer Buenos Aires, Argentina was my home. Over 4 months I captured an obscene number of photos in and of the capital which I've condensed into a Photo Book and entered in a contest. I NEED YOUR HELP. If you have a moment, make an acct For Free...
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    any suggestions on hostels here in BA?

    i've been living here close to two months in different apts and friends' places but havent had the need to use a hostel until now. i need somewhere to stay for two days before a friend gets into town and i really have no idea which hostels are any good. thanks Randall
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    moving to the countryside for a month

    i would like to move for the month of feb as an alternative to the expensive city life. anyone have any suggestions on where to go, how to find lodging, what the costs would be? im a photographer who would love to live simply, not camping in the dirt though, and just need food, water, lodging...
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    i just got to BA

    im living on scalabrini ortiz and soler but am looking for a cheaper alternative starting at the end of next month. anyone got a room??? also, what's going on tonite and new years? any fun ideas floating...?
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    moving to BsAs

    just wanted to post that im moving to Palermo on december 27 this year. all posts i've read are quite helpful thanks! Rb