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    Looking for teapot warmer

    Hi, I am looking for a teapot warmer, those that are most commonly seen in Germany, but also sold in the US in some areas. Has anybody seen one at a shop here in BA? Thanks a lot!
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    American driver's license:how to renew

    Hi, I wonder if there is a way to renew my California driver's license from Argentina, through the mail or the US Consulate, I guess... has anybody done this? Or there is no way but to be in the US? Thank you!!
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    International moving companies: need recommendations

    Hello! I am organizing my move from California to Buenos Aires in the upcoming weeks and I would like to know about any affordable, reliable international moving companies that people on this forum (particularly, folks coming here from the US) have used. I am an Argentine repat and am bringing...
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    Kagyu Tekchen Choling Buddhist Centre

    Hi! I'd like to know if anybody on this site attends this Buddhist center on a regular basis. It's in Belgrano. Thanks a lot!!
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    Moving back to Argentina: Customs' question

    Hi, I am an Argentine repat. I will be bringing clothes and books from the US after having lived (again) in Argentina for a year. If anybody has brought personal items from abroad after residing here for a year or longer, I'd like to know if you have experienced any problems or had to pay any...
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    Need help filing American taxes

    Hi! The filing date for taxes is coming up (at least in California, my state) and I always try to get my taxes done way before. This will be my first time filing taxes from abroad; on top of this, I have always used a CPA, have never even tried to figure it out on my own. It is one of those...
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    Any Argentinians on this site that relocated to Buenos Aires after living abroad?

    Hi, I am an Argentinian that has returned to Buenos Aires after 13 years of living in the bay area (California). I wonder if there are other fellow Argentinians on this site that came back to BA and now feel, like me, half-Argentinian/half-other?? I'm thankful for the BAExpats site and for the...
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    Looking for good iyengar yoga class

    Hi, I used to do Iyengar yoga in Palo Alto and Berkeley (California) with a great teacher and I would like to continue now in Buenos Aires. Does anybody have a good recommendation for a good Iyengar teacher in the palermo/recoleta/downtown area and/or any experiences about where NOT to go? Thank...
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    Getting ATM/VISA cards from the US

    Hi, I am happy I found this forum. I will be staying in Argentina for the next 6 months and am writing to you because I have a question about receiving ATM/VISA cards from the US here. My ATM card will expire in August and I will need to receive its replacement. Has anybody gone through this and...