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    Article: Crime & Safety Around The World

    Havana safer than BsAs? I certainly wouldn't have guessed that.. I had a really great long weekend in Chicago (hence the day off yesterday) and was fortunate enough to meet up with a couple of very interesting subscribers...
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    Grit and seediness at arm's length?

    Where can one go in BsAs to see some gritty/seedy things but not put oneself in harm's way? ie.) perhaps riding on a bus or on a train? I've done this a little bit in other Latin American cities like Montevideo and Panama City. I'm talking purely in the daytime. Back at home even before...
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    Manuel Tienda Leon question

    When I arrived in BA the first time, I took the Manuel Tienda Leon to the station near Retiro and then grabbed a private shuttle for 1 USD to where I was staying nearby on Lavalle. I'm staying in Palermo this time. Anybody know if their shuttle will take you this far? If not, not the end of...
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    BsAs ranked 13th in's Top 29 Cities to Live In

    Main article: BsAs: Very short article on each city actually