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    airfares--potentially helpful for anyone coming back from the states

    Greetings, I figured I'd give out the word that an airfare price war appears to have begun yesterday for flights from NYC to EZE in case anyone is traveling north during the various December holiday seasons. While, in my searching during previous weeks, most fares for early 2009 were over...
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    Joanna Newsom at Niceto Friday--anyone interested in meeting up and going?

    Greetings, So I just realized that that I forgot to make arrangements and get tickets for Joanna Newsom at Niceto for this Friday. Niceto has been hosting credible acclaimed rock/pop acts since last spring on Fridays, although the only I've seen was the Evens (Ian MacKaye's [of Fugazi/Minor...
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    Has anyone had success bargaining with rental agencies in low season?

    Greetings, I was wondering whether anyone had ever been successful bargaining with apartment rental agencies at times of high vacancy. If so, would you mind naming the agency here? Compared to October to April of last year, there appear to many places available based on on-line querying, but...