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    Anyone likes The Beatles??

    hello everyone, i have been living here almost for a month now, and i would like to do new things a meet new people. I am a crazy beatle fan, or i was, rigth now i only loved them, anyway, the thing is that on march 27th it will be a tribute concert on the Gran Rex theater, and the special guest...
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    Hello Again

    Hello everyone, i arrived a week ago, and i am adapting myself to the big city, i have already found a place to stay, so now i am ready to meet people. I am going to study here, in the UBA; and i would like to know if someone else is going to study there, or if anyone is interested in going...
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    I just arrived to Buenos aires

    Hello everyone, i just arrived to the city, and i am kind of lost, the city is nice but is so huge, and i am trying to find a place to live, but everywhere is so expensive, i contact a couple of residences and i didnt`liked it. Anyway i will study here in the UBA, and if anyone know a good place...
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    Hello Everybody, i am new here!!

    Hello again and thanks for reading this post, well, my name is Violeta, and i am from Honduras, but for the past 3 years i have been living in Costa Rica, i am huge fan of travelling, its my passion, and my new destiny is South America, i was in Peru this july, and i loved it, now my plan is to...