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    overstaying your 3 month visa

    I have been told there is a place in BA where you can extend your visa and pay a fine in advance rather than when i leave the country. Does anyone know this place? Or what is best, should i leave the country and renew it that way or go to this place? many thanks
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    Villa General Belgrano - Argentina

    Hello Hola! I am visiting Cerro Champaqui this weekend but have to stay a night in Villa General Belgrano before i head on up the hill!! Was wondering if anyone has a couch for this Friday night 22 May? I will be out by 8.30am! Would rather stay with a local as I have heard it is a great town...
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    I have just arrived from London via australia to learn Spanish and work. would be keen for a drink soon and if anyone has plans for Australia Day on MOnday!! Also if anyone is looking for a room mate in Palermo please let me know and if anyone knows a good yoga place! many thanks ciao anne
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    roommate needed in Palermo?

    Hello, I have just moved to Buenos Aires and looking for a room to rent or share. I am Australian but have been living in London for the past 3 years and have come here to learn Spanish and work. I am staying in Palermo and love this area. I do not want to live by myself as very outgoing and...