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    For Sale Glass Office Desks

    Not sure how to post a picture to the forum. But if you email me: I will email pictures to you. Thanks, Celeste
  2. J

    For Sale Glass Office Desks

    Must sell this weekend. I have 2 small glass computer desks with sliding keyboard shelf purchased 6 months ago from EASY. 200 pesos for the smaller desk and 300 pesos for the larger one.
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    Have Read All Posts, Still Have Unanswered Telecomm ?'s

    Cheapest solution is to get a US Skype number with unlimited calling to US numbers (about $11 a month I think). Then with an unlocked Iphone connected to a Wifi network, you will be able to receive calls through Skype application when somebody calls your US number. When you leave the Wifi...
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    For Sale Home Office Desks and Chairs

    I have 2 very high end black fully adjustable office chairs and 2 glass computer desks with slide-out keyboard shelf. Excellent condition. Purchased 6 months ago from Easy. I'm in Palermo SoHo. Asking $400 USD for everything or best offer. Will sell in 1 set or individually. Celeste -...
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    For Sale Glass Office Desks and Chairs

    I have 2 glass office desks with sliding keyboard shelves. Purchased from EASY 6 months ago. Very good condition. I also have 2 fully adjustable black office chairs with mesh back and arms purchased at the same time. Asking 450 USD for the set or I will sell by the piece.
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    42 Inch Plasma TV and Office Furniture For Sale

    We are moving and need to sell the following: 2 Glass desks with keyboard drawers. Modern style. Very good condition. Less than 6 months old. Perfect for the home office Also have 2 matching back fully adjustable office chairs. Will sell separately or $450USD together as a set. Purchased from...
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    Can you make local calls with Skype?

    I wonder why there is such a price discrepancy then for the calling party when calling a cell phone versus a landline in Argentina from abroad or skype?
  8. J

    Can you make local calls with Skype?

    Are you sure that calling from an international phone to an Argentine cell phone uses up cell phone credits? It costs about 2 cents per minute to call a BsAs landline from the US or from Skype. And about 21 cents per minute to call a BsAs cell pone from the US or Skype. I was under the...
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    B2B Sales Opportunity - Work From Home

    Our company is one of the largest manufacturers of bubble and poly mailers in the United States. We sell our products to many of the largest shipping supply companies, retailers, distribution companies, and drop-shippers in the world. You will be responsible for calling on companies to find the...
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    Health Insurance

    OSDE is considered by most of the Argentine doctors to be the best. It's also a little bit more expensive. But the coverage is excellent.
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    BA Expensive??? - Help!!

    We've lived here for about a year now. We've lived in Sothern California, New York City, Miami, and a couple of other cities in the US. It is definitely a lot cheaper here if you are able to continue to earn dollars. Imported items are certainly more expensive here especially electronics...
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    Movies in BsAs

    Has anybody else noticed that for the last couple of months they are not releasing many English speaking films at the cines. I've noticed quite a few American films that were scheduled to be released and then never released. Just curious if anybody knows anything about this. I'm thinking...
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    Vonage anyone?

    I run a US based business from BsAs, so I'm basically on the phone to the US all day. I've tested most of the VOIP products here. The best product out there is something similar to Vonage called Packet 8 (9/10). Same idea as Vonage but works much better in Argentina because the up speed is so...
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    working ain ARG and US taxes

    First, talk to an accountant that specializes in foreign earned income. I am not an accountant. If you are a US citizen, you must still file US taxes. Be sure to fill out form 2555 which will allow you to claim an exemption of just under $90K USD for your foreign earned income. In other...
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    Artnet SMTP Settings

    I'm pretty sure it's an issue with the actual SMTP setting. I'm trying to set up the email through outlook. The POP incoming setting works fine. But Arnet seems to be rejecting the for the outgoing mail. I'm trying to use port 25 which is the default port. I did a google...
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    Artnet SMTP Settings

    Does anybody know the SMTP settings for Artnet. I have an employee that has Artnet and works from home. Arnet seems to be blocking port 25 for outgoing email. I need to find out Artnet's generic SMTP setting so I can configure his email on my domain to send outgoing messages from his Arnet...
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    Yankees game tonight?

    Does anyone know a bar in or near Palermo Soho that will be showing the Yankees game tonight?
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    Car Rental

    Anybody have a recommendation for a car rental agency in or around Palermo?
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    Health insurance in BA for a US citizen

    We have OSDE and are very happy with the coverage. Most of the doctors I've talked to in BsAs consider OSDE to be the best although from what I've been told Swiss Medical and Galeno are also excellent choices. Galeno and Swiss Medical seem to operate a little bit more like an HMO in the...
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    Art Studio in Palermo

    Does anybody of an art studio in or around Palermo SoHo. I'm looking for either pottery or acrylic painting classes. Thanks,