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    How to Sell Dollars at Informal Exchange Rate

    If I were you I would simply talk to locals that you know and ask if they are interested in buying dollars off you. My girlfriend's mom happened to ask me the other day if I have any dollars to sell and she offered the informal rate.
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    Cigar Store

    I used to pass by one in Belgrano near the corner of Av. Monroe and Arribeños, across from the Carrefour. It's only a year or two old but I never went inside so I can't vouch for its quality (not that I know much about cigars anyway).
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    Young & well to do. Should I move to BA?

    I like the heat; but nevertheless, this current week's weather is hotter than normal for early november. Next Wednesday it is set to drop back down a bit to around 24 C. Anyway, like someone else already mentioned, if the OP doesn't come down now it will only get hotter until March.
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    Young & well to do. Should I move to BA?

    You're single and you make 6 figures, remotely, in dollars. That's an excellent framework to keep you from falling on your face as you learn to survive here. I, a single, 23 year old US male, can live comfortably here on $1,000 US per month, and I could survive on $500. However, unlike you I...
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    first time in ba

    In general the bad stuff here is from Paraguay and it comes in the form of a little condensed lego brick. My friend from Harlem managed to find some good stuff when he was here though. Ask around for "flores". Also, some rasta colombians sell some very good brownies at the Sunday San Telmo...
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    How are you celebrating Halloween?

    Money is pretty tight this time around but I hope to find a party to go to and scrounge together a costume of sorts. Last year I made a jack-o-lantern by buying one of those greenish yellow pumpkins at a verduleria, carved it up, spray-painted it orange, and stuck a candle in it. Needless to say...
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    Cost of living

    OP: I think you'll be just fine with the amount of money that you have. Once you get your feet on the ground here you'll have a better idea about how much you'll be able to do. Be sure to check out the Dominican barrio near Constitución and San Cristóbal. Also, imo Argentine girls aren't worth...
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    Coming Soon To A Dinner Table Near You! ALL the food you crave from home!

    CHOCOLATE CHIPS, "chispas de chocolate", can be bought at a confitería in barrio chino off of Juramento between Arribeños and Montañeses. They have them in little tiny bags on the shelf towards the back as well as much bigger bags way in the back behind the counter. Their taste falls somewhere...
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    Kettlebells in Buenos Aires

    There are some rubber-coated ones on I can vouch for the quality of the ones from
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    Towns in Argentina Where I will be the only Foreigner?

    La Plata. Very few tourists venture there yet it is only an hour from BA and it has a nice population of young Argentines from all over the country due to the national university (UNLP). Lots of bars and boliches, quiet, slightly cheaper than BA.
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    Another hopeless dreamer...?

    I already looked into the State Department as a means to live in BA, and it's out of the question. You'd have to stay in the US for a year to take the foreign service exam before being hired. My dad arranged for me to speak with the US Ambassador to Uruguay last time I was in Argentina and he...
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    No-frills Strategy for Obtaining Residence

    Leaving the US makes sense and I somewhat agree with the reasons you posted in your other thread, but are you looking for a place to permanently settle down? Why? You're pretty young. Why not travel the world teaching English, working on organic farms, or other odd jobs? Move around, make money...
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    Lame expats are lame

    This is one of the best drunk threads ever.
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    New Guy

    This is good advice. Keep in mind they say that the hottest women are from Rosario and Mendoza, and I can attest to Mendoza ;)
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    New Guy

    Lucky for you alcohol is still relatively cheap. You can get a liter of Stella Artois for about $1.30 US and a liter of tequila for about $4.00 US. There are many threads covering most of your interests/concerns, so be sure to search around the forum. I don't know much about motorcycle laws...
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    Grass in ba

    You can get "brownies" much more discreetly at the San Telmo feria.
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    New Argentine Dictionary now available online

    I've yet to find an argentine dictionary or meet an argentine that knows the meaning of the verb "ranchar". Does anyone know the meaning of this word? Here's the context from some cumbia villera lyrics: "Estoy pegado re jugado hasta las manos. Ranchando con pibitos de mi palo." -Tumbero por...
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    TV SOS help! how can I watch my shows??

    I first check and if it's not there, check
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    Is there anyone who can dread locks in BA?

    Check out the Dominican neighborhood in San Cristóbal/Constitutión. I know of a place off of Av. Independencia somewhere between Virrey Ceballos and San José. My "black" dominican friend always got his hair cut there, as well as braided. Expect free beer and reggeaton music when you're in there :D
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    Traductor Castellano--> English with good rates?

    Translators almost always translate from the source language into their native language, so it makes sense that Spanish--->English fetches a much higher rate in Argentina. Don't feel bad. I just had to pay $100 US to have 16 words translated into English--something I could have easily done...