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    volcano and flights

    What's the status of Ezeiza flights? The status of the volcano?
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    Does China own 10% of Argentina?

    I heard this recently -- China owns 10% of Argentina's land. Is this true?
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    university teaching in Argentina

    What are the requirements for getting a university teaching job in Argentina? Someone told me that you have to sit for some sort of exam and that schools don't want foreigners, even if they have legal permanent residence. Is any of this true?
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    Rental Property & foreign taxes

    I believe there have been discussions here about taxes in Argentina on rental properties. What about taxes in the owner's home country -- the US or UK, for instance? How do expats handle this? Do they report income earned on property in Argentina? If so, do they pay taxes in both countries?
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    Health insurance - Prices to rise?

    I've been busy and not paying attention the news. Someone said that health insurance is going to rise 30% soon. Is this true?
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    Porter sets fires in building?

    The administrator of my building suspects (no proof) that one of the porters set two small fires in our building. It definitely looks like an inside job. The suspect hates the administrator and is a resentful, rude person. Owners/residents are hysterical about what has happened, demanding all...
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    Problem with dry cleaner - suggestions?

    Over a month ago I sent out a valuable Indian rug to be cleaned by a dry cleaner (5 a Sec). The rug was promised to be cleaned within two weeks max. Over a month has transpired and the cleaners give excuse after excuse as to why it is not ready. Among the excuses: "next week", then "it's...
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    unfriendly people

    A recurrent theme here seems to be the relative indifference of the local people. Argentines don't seem to be warm and cheerful like other Latin Americans. Is this your experience? I'd especially like to hear from expats who lived in other Latin American countries.
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    Google translate

    Could someone tel me if there is a way to use google translate in anything but the formal (usted) spanish? I can't figure out if there is an informal option.
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    Palin's performance in debate a resounding success

    The New York Times, in their characteristically biased way said this about last night's debate: "She (Palin) succeeded by not failing in any obvious way". The truth is that her performance was a resounding success. I am not a great admirer of the woman but I have to give her credit. She...
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    Pro Govt demonstrators paid by govt?

    An Argentine friend told me that the pro government demonstrators who gathered this week were paid $300 pesos each by the government for their participation. Is this true?
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    Pay for cleaners

    I have been paying the woman who cleans for me $10 pesos an hour. She comes once a week for four hours. The work is light and I am almost never here. I've been paying $10 for a couple of years. I think it was a good deal above the average but inflation may have changed that. Recently she...